Telcoin Blasts into Top 100

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 5 May 2021

Since it has been a whole 4 days since my last Telcoin (TEL) post on here, I figured I was overdue.  This post is just to provide an update on my favorite not-so-shitcoin-anymore utility token.  TEL has been on a tear recently and within the last 12 hours has broken a key resistance level at $0.02 USD.  It made it to an ATH of $.02469 and has since pulled back to momentarily consolidate at the .0231 or ~0.0000004200 BTC satoshi level.  Even as I write though my numbers are askew as it looks to be pushing ahead for a new ATH and further into price discovery.

In the amount of time (2 mins) that it took to write that first paragraph, TEL buyers decided they didn't like the #95 spot on CoinGecko, so they moved it 94, then 93, and now #92 rank by marketcap.  I have been telling my buddy, who I finally convinced to start buying crypto in March, that he really needs to look into Telcoin since mid-April; I have been doing the same thing for you, dear reader!  Look into this company now because it is going to be huge(-er).  It has already had four major coin wins this year:

1. A subpenny token that breaks the .01 barrier

2. Breaking the $1 billion marketcap.

3. Entering the Top 100 by MC

4. Exceeding its previous 2017 Bull market cycle ATH

It has achieved all of these milestones within the past two weeks and based solely on the utility of this token, I believe it will 4X from this point in the month of May with a personal target of $ .30 later this year.  If you would like to know more about the token you can read my previous articles here and here.  I also place some further fact-finding pieces in the latter article.  All of this occurring before they have even released the V3 of their in-house wallet that they claim will allow a frictionless fiat-to-crypto conversion and onboard millions of additional customers to their underlying remittance business.

The largest trading exchange is KuCoin, but they did launch on QuickSwap on April 30th.  When V3 launches you will be able to purchase straight from the App, and my understanding is that you can currently purchase it on their existing smartphone app.  I cannot verify this as they have not approved my access yet- the Telcoin team has been focused on allowing their current remittance markets access to the wallet's functionality.

I will finish up with this- obviously a lot is riding on the continued adoption of the coin through both the functionality of the V3 wallet and the additional opening of remittance markets.  I feel comfortable recommending TEL even at it's current level because the team has been working with their heads down for the past three years to build the underlying business which is going to be reflected in the price of their token.  When the U.S. and Mexico are added as remittance markets in the next month or two you will start to see a huge uptick in the token price.  Lastly, it hasn't even been listed on the top exchanges and as of right now it has pushed to the #91 spot on CoinGecko.

Thanks for reading and if you caught some FOMO or enjoyed the content feel free to give me a thumbs up.

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