Telcoin: My New Sh!tcoin Fave

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 1 May 2021

If you are going to throw money at some of the crap I see on here with names like moon/whale/scheisse/doge etc, let me introduce you to my new favorite shitcoin that actually has utility.  I first wrote about Telcoin on April 13th, where I laid out a few basics of this speculative play for me.  So in the past couple of weeks I decided to try to find more information and the more I dug- the more I liked.  Then there was this today which sent this subpenny coin into the land of copper (For our friends outside the U.S. pennies have copper in them):

Like an 18 year old taking a hooker to prom, I went ahead and double bagged last week when I couldn't stop getting excited about what I was finding out.  Telcoin's underlying business is mobile remittances (think Western Union, only cheaper, faster, and blockchain driven) but they have a larger picture in mind with their much anticipated and long awaited V3 rollout.  For about the past three years Telcoin has been focusing on building Telecom partnerships inking deals to open up remittances internationally as well as gaining regulatory approval and building out their platform.  Recent deals include Canada, Phillipines, and released today is Australia.


Now back to those V3 plans... Telcoin aims to create a frictionless wallet making mass adoption and use of their coin, and remittances, available to everyone.  This sounds like a soundbite from every ICO/IDO in Fintech, but this team has been quietly building their platform for the past three years.  They didn't even go live until earlier this year and have kept much of their plans quiet so that they would not tip off competitors.  

Telcoin’s forthcoming free wallet upgrade that is expected to introduce a wide range of coveted features, DeFi services, and other capabilities that could make the Telcoin offering the only crypto wallet most consumers will ever need.

V3 – the third version of their mobile wallet — is expected to simplify contactless payments for consumers while also serving as a hub for ERC-20 token storage, and making it easy to swap crypto tokens for fiat in local currencies — something that could make V3 the proverbial Holy Grail of crypto wallets.

They have already partnered with Gcash, a mobile payment platform, that immediately gave them access to its 33 Million active users. They are also seeking regulatory clearance to open markets next month in the United States and Singapore with Mexico, Tanzania, and Nepal in the batter's box for later this year.  They also have several unnamed markets they are working with and additional mobile platforms and Telecoms they are shopping.

Now there are some things I don't like about the company/token and I laid those out in my previous article.  Namely, the large amount of tokens in circulation with no public discussion on burning and finding detailed information on their future plans or the V3 wallet upgrade.  My initial assumption that they may have been more focused on building the underlying company rather than focusing on tokenomics seems to be playing out as correct, but I still have difficulty placing large amounts of money into a project when I have questions.  I did however double my bag prior to this pump and plan to hold for awhile.

Here are a few articles/sites I have dug up that can give you better insight into Telcoin:

their Medium:


Take a look at this shitcoin and let me know what you think in the comments below.  As always, thank you for reading and feel free to leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed the content.

Update: It looks as though some profits were taken by hodlers of this coin and it has met resistance, so it has pushed back into the .009s.

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