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I Bought My First WAX NFT pack

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 24 Aug 2021

I just did a thing.  I have officially spent fiat money for the first time on an NFT mint pack.  The WAX blockchain has been good to me this year; I have amassed a nice stack of WAX over the past six months by giving up my time playing Alien Worlds.  I quit playing and sold all of my A.W. NFTs last week for WAX (just in time to see an awesome bump thanks to the Binance listing), so I decided to give back and support one of the artists that just dropped their collection today, John Van Hamersveld.

Now obviously, JVH probably doesn't need my $50 because he has seen a successful career. I have to say though, this is some sick art and I can't wait to unpack my deck of 55. 

I won't pretend that I know much about the value of NFTs; I know what I like and it isn't digitized graphics of a rock or a punk.  I also don't have $1.2M to drop on a super-rare rock, but I'm seriously NOT just being salty because I completely missed out (insert expletives).  I do however enjoy aesthetically pleasing creations and that's the reason that I chose this artist.  That's the great thing about NFTs and art in general- subjectivity.

About the Artist  

John Van Hamersveld is an American pop artist best known for creating album cover artwork for bands such as: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, The Beach Boys, Kiss, Grateful Dead and hundreds others.  He is credited with the art on over 300 album covers from his work with Capital Records.

His art career has spanned over 50 years and he has amassed quite a resume. 

  • He created the official 1984 Los Angeles Olympics poster along with a 360 foot long coordinating mural
  • He conceived the iconic Endless Summer movie poster
  • Illustrated for Rolling Stone Magazine and Esquire
  • Created rock posters for legends Jimi Hendrix and Cream
  • Made some truly incredible pieces

He truly immersed himself in Rock and Roll, SoCal, and L.A. culture which shows in his work.  This isn't a biography though, so if you want to find out more just look him up on the interwebs.  


Post-Future NFT Collection

"Artist John Van Hamersveld and WAX have teamed up to bring contemporary fine art to the WAX Blockchain. Celebrating more than 58 successful years in art, WAX is releasing 180 unique NFTs with Van Hamersveld’s most iconic works in five (5) stellar rarities in the collection entitled Post-Future."

You can obviously HODL, buy or sell, and gift your JVH NFTs, but the packs can also include Pre-Future NFTs.  So if you amass and combine five identical Pre-Future NFTs you will receive an upgraded card in one of the rarities.

Watch the video below to see how that works.

Referenced before, this is the first time I have ever spent fiat money on NFTs.  The website has a frictionless fiat on-ramp for debit/credit cards and then connects the transaction directly with WAX.  This made it almost too easy to navigate and for me to pull my debit card from the depths of my wallet. 

This is how all NFT marketplaces should be conducting business because it removes any perceived complexity for new users.  In order for mass adoption of crypto, blockchains and dApp developers must remove any barriers- making it familiar and stupidly easy.

Thanks for Reading

As I stated earlier NFTs and art is subjective.  As I write this I don't yet know what my pack holds, because I still have some time left until I can unpack.  Whether or not other people in the FUTURE think my NFTs are worth the $50 I spent- I don't really care.  The experience, the excitement, and the art are worth every fiat cent.

As always, Thank You for reading and following.

Authors Note: Cover photo originally published on I own positions in Wax and JVH NFTs. Follow me on Twitter

Update, I had to buy more packs because I immediately got hooked and these are my favorite looking crafts so far:





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