Yobit is going strong

By Etson0x | Burky | 12 Oct 2019

I love yobit exchange, which pays us free coins daily and if you collect them daily you could get something in 3 months. I could collect like 10.000 Doge coin in couple of months. Also they have new campaign which is you can collect 1000 satoshis for each post on crypto talk forum. Also you can invest your coins and earn dialy interest in Yobit as well. They have 14 investing pair that you can make profits with interest, these coins are:

PONY %2 daily
NAX %1 daily
SEX %2 daily
PANDA %1 daily
FROG %1 daily
IXI %9 daily
PUMP %4 daily
MACRO %7 daily
MICRO %1 daily
TRIX %3 daily
BTC %0.1 monthly
YOBIX %1 daily
DOGE %0.1 daily
YOZI %7 daily

I trust Yobit and put my Doge coins to their interest system and collecting my earnings.. I have invested 50.000 Doge and claiming 500 daily for FREE!

You can join them here: https://yobit.net

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