Why we are having the "Red Bitcoin Market" today?
Why we are having the "Red Bitcoin Market" today?

By Etson0x | Burky | 17 Feb 2020

The precious Bitcoin has brake the $10.000 line one more time on February 9th.. And that was too important for the sake of cryptocurrency market, and also for me.. The price could resist for 8 days and started to fall again. If you check right now BTC price is $9.676 and last week that was $10.450.. 


But why the price started to fall?


There are some factors that affected the BTC price in negative ways.. And as we all know the Bitcoin is too"Fragile" and could affect with any small news..


I usually check the crypto news daily with visiting lots of websites and try to understand what has happening the latest..


The latest bad factors are;


Binance exchange performance problem.. They recently had "lagging issue".. Also Changpeng Zhao, the Binance CEO had conspiracies and said "Bitcoin price can be manipulated by exchanges" I believe this is something important..


Fulcrum trading flash crush (https://twitter.com/JacobCanfield/status/1228764789742211074)


15th february dumping! The BTC price dumped %5 in minutes and the whales seems got big manupulations..


United State Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin's warning was also important for the price change.. Must read about it.


JP Morgan's ETH move! They have lots of money and they could affect anything they like.. 


Bank and Federal Reserves are working about new digital currency and this also could affect the price.. Check about the "FedCoin"


Those were the top headlines..


And also i have read many news about price dumping.. Many of predictors says the BTC price will go down to $8k line.. I hope it won't happens.. Thank you for reading..


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