We have all cried one more time for Kobe..

By Etson0x | Burky | 25 Feb 2020

We are saying our last goodbyes to Kobe.. I am watching the videos since last 2 hours and wanted to share with you these emotional speeches.. Lots of good memories talked by Shaq and Michael Jordan.. Was too emotional for me too.. Also Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera had amazing performances and all those were really sad.. Specailly i couldn't hold my tears in her "Ave Maria" song..



Jordan's speech was very emotional as well, he cried a lot and he gave really good speech in 12 minutes.. He has talked about lots of great memories between them and he said that "peace of me death when i heard his passin away".. Yes, they were very close friend and actually everyone was knowing about it. Jordan admits that he was his little brother.. He said they always text each other at late hours and talk about anything comes their minds.. You also should watch MJ's speech..



After the majesty, Shaq came out and he also gave some great speech.. Shaq said that Kobe and he managed to create amazing duo and he was right to said that.. As all we know the last Three-peat championship belongs to Lakers.. He sad Kobe's departure was too soon and that was shocking.. I remember he said that the lost his soul when he lost Kobe in that terrible helicopter accident.. He also promised that he will watch out Kobe's family and that was something we should respect.. What ever happened, Shaq really loved him, we all know it deeply..



Also they showed "Dear Basketball" short movie for while, i have watched several times before but watched again and will watch it always! I strongly believe every basketball and sports fans must watch it.. This short movie won the oscar in 2018, you will love it, i am sure..


And ofcourse his wife Vanessa.. She had two speeches, one for his little doughter Gigi and the other one was for her love Kobe.. She has done amazing job because that was very hard to speak without crying.. She managed very well and collected everyones love and sympathy one more time.. I am wishing power her from the God..


Thank you for reading, if you have any comments please leave below..


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