NBA Records That Won't Be Broken Ever!

By Etson0x | Burky | 9 Aug 2019

There are some records no one seems to be able to break in the future... I believe that this is something very very special. Think about that you break some record and everyone says that no one will break it again, ever! Think about Usain Bold; he is the fastest man in human history and it seems very difficult that to run 100 meters under 09.58 seconds.. That feeling must be better than all the feelings we had before.. Also in NBA we have some unbelievable records and i think it would be very hard to brake them.

In this post i would like to show you some of them, i made my list about it. Hope you can like it and talk about it with your friends and families.

Which record is most impressive one for you? Waiting for your comments. Thank you.

I would like to start with the legend Wilt Chamberlain.. He has broken some amazing records. Two of them is here on number 1 and 2..

No:1 Highest single-season scoring average (Most dominate year by a player in NBA)


First of all i want to say that the Goliath nicknamed player Wilt Chamberlain had amazing career stats. In his 14 NBA season he created 30.1 points, 22.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists Per Game! It must be a record right?! But i want to talk about his 1961-62 NBA season performance.. 50.4 points and 25.7 rebounds per game! Please tell me is anyone can brake this record?? I wouldn't think so :) You can check his career stats below.. 👇👇👇



No:2 Most points in a single game


On March 2, 1962 evening there was a game between Philadelphia Warriors and New York Knicks. Unfortunately there were only 4,124 attendance in Hershey Sports Arena, Hershey, Pennsylvania.. Game Officials were Willie Smith and Pete D'Ambrosio.. The Warriors surpassed the Knicks 169-147.. That evening Wilt Chamberlain has achived something abnormal, scored 100 points! Just like a joke right? 👇👇👇


I also have that 100 points game official photo on my wall at my house. I bought it from an auction and paid good money. It is historical artifacts for me and i will keep it forever! 👇👇👇


Are there any NBA players who could score 100 points? I don't think so.. If you think yes, please comment below :) Now i let you to watch the GOLIATH 👇👇👇


No:3 Klay Thompson's ridiculous 37 point quarter!

351665157-5083b6e749e6e7fa1282413288ebf782bb7293e9096f680e9b3685af20e6f953.jpeg   On January 23, 2015, the Golden State Warriors' 126-101 win against the Sacramento Kings and that night ridiculous thing has happened.. In 3rd quarter while the clock was showing 9:45, Klay started to fly high! The record is "Most point in a quarter" but he actually scored 37 points in 9 minutes and 45 seconds!  351665157-21034dd77aaa874e575fb12e94bbe3a44bf95fd3e27a7d8b23b2b7cdd7d3215a.jpeg  

This record has just broken to get in my list, because i would never believe that some one could score 37 points in a quarter again, it must be impossible! I mean howmany shots could you take to score 37 in a quarter? 30? I believe that was a dream night for Klay and i really wanted to feel what he felt that quarter.. Just amazing..

I let you watch this terrifying performance.. 👇👇👇


No:4 John Stockton's Unbreakable Records!


NBA legend Karl Malone once said that there will never ever be another John Stockton ever, and he is totally right what he said right? Also Gary Payton said that John Stockton was tougher to guard than Michael Jordan! There are some really amazing records he holds in his hands which seems no one can break it ever.. Stockton played 16 season without missing a single game.. We have to ask ourselves that are we really understand that? With 82 games seasons it would makes 1,312 games, and with playoff games the number would be around 1,500 NBA games.. So the math is here: 1,500 games without missing any of them! Wouw!!


Also he has 15,806 assists in his NBA career and i think we all believe that its unbreakable in Big Time! Think about Chris Paul. He is one of the best Guard in 2000s and he is playing in NBA in last 14 season. And do you know how many assist does he has? The answer is 9,181. He is 33 years old and last season he made 473 assists. With this performance he has to play more than 10 years to catch John Stockton and it seems impossible..


I have to talk about "Stock" little more because he has got total 3,265 steals in his NBA career and it also seems to reach impossible too.. He has 2.2 career steals in per game..


He is actually too small for NBA (1.85 m) but his big heart made him a total legend.. I am lucky that i could watch him live.. In 1991 he played his career assist night with 28 assists vs San Antonio Spurs, watch his showtime below.. Thank you Stock, we will never forget about you..  👇👇👇


No:5 Walt Bellamy's 88 Games Season!


In 1968-69 NBA regular season Walt Bellamy actually appeared in 88 games. Yes, in 82 games season he played 88 games! :) How could it be? It doesn't make sense right? I believe that this 88 games record is most impossible to brake it, because today the NBA schedule is much more balanced.

In 1969 NBA season Bellamy has played 35 games with the New York Knicks and traded to the Detroit Pistons. That time the Pistons only had played 29 games. So Bellamy didn't miss any game with his new team and managed to play 88 in one season. Weirdo right :) Bellamy also remembering with the duels with the legend Wilt Chamberlain, it called "Epic Center Battle"



No:6 “Iron Man” A.C. Green's 1.192 consecutive NBA games! (Virginity Power)


Yes, i can hear that your are saying the IRON MAN nickname is very suitable for A.C. Green! With playing 1,192 NBA games you could become a legend but if you play those game consecutive you must be a Super Hero! That's why he has earned this nickname i guess..

He was the key name of the legendary Lakers' fastbreaks in 80's till mid 90's', and he played in every game! In 16 years of his career he got 3 times championship and missed only 3 games, only 3!


After his glorious career Green has told the press about his secret. And do you know what is his secret? He remain a virgin for his entire NBA career until he got married in 2002! Would you believe that?? I think now we all understand where his energy came from! Also some Lakers players used to send women to Green’s hotel room, but he had managed to drive them away. :)

No:7 Ball Don't Lie! (41 technical fouls in one season by Rasheed Wallace)


I was big fan of Rasheed Wallace because he was playing with his heart.. Every team he played he brings the floor what he really got. Yes he was a hard player and sometimes he couldn't control his temperature.. 2000–01 season was his hottest one. That season he has got 41 technical fouls in 80 regular season and postseason games he played with Portland Trail Blazers. Today it's impossible to brake.. Today NBA's rule calls for suspension after 16 techs.

Watch his rejections video with his legendary words "Ball Don't Lie" 👇👇👇


No:8 My "Hero" MJ's records!


Ofcourse i am going to talk about the MJ! Many people thinks that he is the greatest basketball player ever lived.. Specially who watched him in 1990's.. Yes, i am talking about the "Majesty" Michael Jordan.. I am talking about some one that he scored 20+ points in 1,106 games, scored 30+ points in 673 games, scored 40+ points in 212 games, scored 50+ points in 39 games, scored 60+ points in 5 games.. That's how he became 10 times NBA Scoring leader..


As a Michael Jordan fan i wanted to rank him in this list.. He has achived many NBA records, some of them re-braked but some of them never.. His great records are;

  • Highest Scoring Average In A Finals (41.0) 
  • Oldest Player To Score 40 Points In A Game (40)
  • Highest Career Playoffs Scoring Average (33.4)
  • Most Points In A Playoff Game (63)
  • Most Seasons With 200+ Steals And 100+ Blocks (2)
  • Most NBA Scoring Titles (10)
  • Most Finals MVPs (6)     

Here is MJ's Top 10 Plays of his great career, watch and enjoy.. 👇👇👇




Thank you for reading, all written by me..


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