My Broken Record! 53 Kills!

My Broken Record! 53 Kills!

By Etson0x | Burky | 11 May 2020


Hello everyone, have good days with lots of gaming! :)

As you know i play daily video games on my Play Station and i try to share some of my game plays with you to give you some exciting moments.. 

Last night we had an amazing game and i have broken my own record! My previous game kill record was 36 and last night i could managed to kill 53(!) enemies online.. 

The game was on Shipment which is the smallest map on the game and it is the most fastest war for sure.. You can get kills or die in seconds because the platform is too small for 20 players :)

I am also using a new LMG rifle which is "Bruen MK9" which is amazing and way faster than my old gun PKM 14... 



With the upgrades it can be loaded with 200 bullets and i am having holographic sight too..

I hope you like watch you watch, i warn you the fight was too fast :))


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