How to Deposit your Cash on Warzone - Plunder

How to Deposit your Cash on Warzone - Plunder

By Etson0x | Burky | 28 Apr 2020


Hello everyone..

Everyday is the game day for me since the lockdown and i am keep playing my games! Love it! My games would take my negativities away while i play.. Also i always play with my friends and we always talking on the head phones from play station network.. So we move together on the battle field. Also we are having lots of funny conversations as well :))

We are about 12 people, all of them my old friends, more than 15-20 years.. Some of them married, some of them got kids and some of them single just like me :)

Anyways, when i open my PC i go online and meet my friends who is online.. This morning i only could find one of them who's nicknamed "StarChild2016" and we played a great game.. We could managed to collect $459k but couldn't be on the TOP10.. 

I have shared many game play with you nd i lways try to share something new.. In this fight you will find how to deposit your cash in to the helicopter.. Usually when you try to use the deposit helicopter, there would be hidden enemies and they would kill you if you are careless.. This time we could managed to deposit our cash before we die! We were lucky because if they killed you before we deposit the cash they would steal them.. So, when you bank the money you won't loose them any more.. You can find the deposit scene in 6:25 minute..

I talked to much, just watch my video if you'd like to have some COD fight :)) 

Thank you..

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