Dogecoin Price Will Rise! Do you want to know why?

By Etson0x | Burky | 17 Oct 2019

Everything has started with a meme... Meme of a Shiba Inu... This meme has reached every where on the internet. First it made people laugh and than made the people happy. And made some of the people rich!! The Doge coin wasn't ment to be this big, this trustable and this popular.. But it is now! One of the hottest coin on coin market cap right now.. When Doge was born in 2013 no one could imagined that this joke coin would have $337.452.661 Market cap and $69.180.909 daily trade volume..

When we check that you can exchange Dogecoin nearly in all exchanges..  The dogecoin has very low price but big market value and big trading value.. Also very small withdraw fee.. Lots of exchange cut only 1-2 Doge for each withdraw.. Those are the the proofs about Doge coin's strength.. Also Doge is very easy to understand. Their principle is same as bitcoin. There are hash of public keys and also the Doge's and BTC's codes are very similar. Also Doge is very easy to mine, it does not need a powerfull computers and screen cards.. 

But my main reason is: Dogethereum! 

Dogethereum built for to be a bridge between Dogecoin and EtherChains. It has just started and it is one of the most promosing projects in last years.. With this movement Doge can be new big cryptocurrency..

Also too many expert mentioning about Doge and they all say that in 2020 will be Doge's SkyRocket year!  

I strongly believe that this raise will not stop until the price catch $ 0.005 level...

Please don't forget this; ONE DOGE = ONE LAMBO one day :))





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