Call of Duty - Warzone - Lumber (How i got out from the JAIL!)

By Etson0x | Burky | 25 Apr 2020



Hello everyone, have great days and positive one please.. Because we need to do this i these days.. 


I am keep playing my Play Station - Call of Duty games and i always try to show you different things in the game..


Today wanted to show you the JAIL..


As i said my previous Call of Duty posts you would do lots of different things in the game and the game map is too big, you would go to sea side and also you can go to the snowy mountains..


But when you die in the game you directly go to the Jail and try to gain your come back ticket.. For that you need to fight with another player who also died in the game.. You would only have one return and ofcourse if you win the 1 on 1 fight.. 



In that fight the system gives you random weapon and you need to use it and kill your opponent.. If you don't win in this fight you can't go back to the war but if your team mates collects money and could go to the station, they would you bring you back with paying money.. But it is very hard to bring your friend back while you fighting.. So, the main part is you should not die :)


Thank you and hope you like my game play..


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