Call of Duty "NEW SEASON" is here!

By Etson0x | Burky | 13 Jun 2020


Hello everyone, have good days..

I have great news for the game lovers, now we have the new season of Call of Duty! Yesterday when i saw the big update (which was about 48 GB.) i realized that the new game has arrived :)  

When i got my update and went into game i have seen too many new features and i got very happy about it 😍 

New games, new maps, new rules.. I am still discovering it and will share the new features to you in time..

Today i will show you the 50 to 50 Big WAR, which i really liked it.. You can use helicopter, cars and ATV's just like the Warzone but the taste of 100 attended team death match is amazing.. Te map named "BARAKETT PROMENADE EAST" which we know from the Warzone.. 

My biggest problem still were the same at my first try, the "Snipers"!! You would got kill if you show yourself more then 5 seconds so you should be fast and never stop moving.. (I am not really good with my sniper class because i really never play with it.. But in this season i will learn it well and will publish game play about it, promised myself :)

I hope you will like what you watch..

Thank you and see you soon with new game plays..

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