After the first day of NBA playoffs

After the first day of NBA playoffs

By Etson0x | Burky | 18 Aug 2020


Hello everyone, first of all i'd like to wish you good and healthy days..

As we all know the NBA playoffs has started yesterday and the first day was a quite show.. In four games all 8 teams scored +100 points, that's why the temperature was high..

I can say that only Toronto Raptors got an easy win last night, other 3 games were tight.. In Toronto, Van Fleet played just perfect with 11/15 FG, 8/10 3PT.. And i also i got more confident that Raptors will easily pass the Nets with these line-ups..

If i have to tell you a story about last night -first of all i need to talk about the wonder kid Donovan Mitchell.. He scored his playoffs career-high performance with 57 points.. He try to win by himself but he couldn't make it in overtime.. I am not sure was he aware the record that he has broken?! Yes, he made the history and he is on the third raw in the list! I want to congratulate him in big time!🏆🏆🏆


I also have to say that Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic played great for Nuggets.. As we remember their last game on 8th of August went overtime too.. So we can say that this series would mess up :) I believe we are going to watch more extra times in this match-up..

Sixers - Celtics game was close but there is an expression that who plays well at the last minutes would win the game.. C's was better at the finishing moments.. Short handed 76ers played good, i wasn't expected this kind of close game.. I also felt too bad for unlucky Gordon Hayward.. I hope he could come back soon..

I also should mention this Luka kid as well! He is playing just amazing and he keeps breaking the records.. Last night he played BIG again with 42pts, 7rebs, 9asts.. He is only 21 years old and he is already killing it! I have just watched his greatest performance 10 days ago against Milwaukee Bucks, he went 36pts, 14rebs, 19asts.. That was really superb! He could beat the Bucks alone!! But.. His amazing performance couldn't save his team Mavs because he was left alone.. Porzingis couldn't complete the game.. I believe his ejection was too hard and referees were not right for me.. If Porzingis stayed on the floor the score could be different.. If we check the otherside, both Kawhi and Paul George played good and i believe that is why they were the winner.. Playoffs arena only for winners and you need to play well in every game you play.. I also saw that the Mavs could steal multiple games if someone helps Luka..

This evening will start with Magic - Bucks game and will end with Blazers - Lakers match-up.. I am sure we will watch more great games tonight.. I am curious about LeBron performance for tonight.. Also OKC - Rockets game will be on fire, i am feeling it.

Thank you for reading..

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