LoK - [GHUB] BurgerLand early PayDay & dividends update - Day 38

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 21 Aug 2020

Imperial [GHUB]BurgerLand Kings and Queens,

A lot is going on. First of all, it is early PayDay! Since we have a Shrine Event tomorrow, bringing with it TP'ing and other chaotic things, an earlier PayDay comes in handy. Also, $Burger [BRGR] has been released! Our community token will be the next step in creating innovative ways of making this play 2 earn inititiative bigger and better. Read the whitepaper here, and be on the lookout for more $Burger [BRGR] dedicated articles coming up. Let's start with the dividend update of day 38. 

What is BurgerLands? 

Siegfriedy was BurgerLands HR this week, bringing in 3+ referrals making him the winner of - on our LoK channel mentioned - referral bonus. KMpunker takes 2nd place with 2 referrals. $Burger [BRGR] incentives will be put in place for a continuing referral bonus for bringing in active and friendly players to the BurgerLands. Taking a look at BurgerLands, we can see the growth take place on the map: 


With a current amount of 49 Kingdoms we have grown 10 Kingdoms since last PayDay 12 days ago. Some pretty good growth numbers! Since last PayDay we have also grown with 8 lands, bought at a low price due to our saint from heaven who was a fan of the BurgerLand project, totalling at 14.

What is $Burger [BRGR] ?

Other numbers are growing as well. Since last PayDay we got our first level 6, 2 more level 5's and a shitload of more DEV points. Talking about the stats, let's see what our dividends have done:


An average 1.6657 daily DAI dividend, placing us on a total of 19.6248 DAI on this early PayDay. A 20% cut, worth 3.92 DAI, will be used to burn $Burger [BRGR]. An 80% cut, 15.70 DAI, of that will be payed out in matic according to the power distribution given after RSS details. Some pretty big RSS farming on the last day. Let's see what the total RSS numbers are: 


Around 2 million resources each. We'll let that stock up to 10 million each and see when it is a right moment to sell. RSS is thus not included in this PayDay. 


This is the last time I cut slack to Kingdoms not reaching a 200k increase since last PayDay. Next time, even with 197k increase, you are out. Who is slacking, who is growing STRONG, we will see. On to the power distribution and payouts: 


Zonked still the King among Kings, taking down 1st place with a 5,76% of all Power on BurgerLands. Grevinator 1 moving up to second place after his 4th place last time. Ggian, still renowned as the first powerhouse, and BurgerBaron both going down the ladder, both being pushed out of the top 10. 

Last PayDay 

Total power on BurgerLands going up 73.735.283 from 188.860.424 to 262.595.707. The activity is awesome lately on BurgerLand, especially when DK's need to be slaughtered - thanks Zonked/Siegfriedy/Paradime/Nacho and more for starting up so many DK's. The payouts will be done in Matic on Discord, see the bot-spam channel. The DAI-Matic exchange rate was put at: 


If I'll miss you due to not having the same nickname as ingame/you are not on LoK discord yet, please let me know.

Received Matic and want to stake? This article helps

That was it for the 3rd PayDay, on to the 4th with bigger payouts, more Kingdoms, more and better incentives and bonusses, and much more! Thank you all for participating on BurgerLands. 

BurgerLand for Glory!

*If you are playing League of Kingdoms  and want to join BurgerLands, please visit Gamers Hub on discord and let me know! 
* Do not only Play 2 Earn - Earn 2 Search as well! 

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