LoK - [GHUB] BurgerLand - DOUBLE PAYDAY 2

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 9 Aug 2020

Respected [GHUB]BurgerLand Kings and Queens,

Today is PayDay 2!

We will start with a quick update of BurgerLand day 26, which will give us the total DAI and RSS until now. First off though, how is BurgerLand looking? 


Sexy you say? I agree. Curious to see where we will be next PayDay!

Please notice that from this PayDay on, a week of activity on BurgerLands is a must in order to get paid. 

What is BurgerLand? - Terms & Conditions

On to the stats of day 26: 

Shoutout to the big DEV ballers on BurgerLand 4 with the biggest DEV point increase of today:

BurgerLand 1: 1451 daily DEV point increase. 
BurgerLand 2: 1295 daily DEV point increase. 
BurgerLand 3: 570 daily DEV point increase. 
BurgerLand 4: 1677 (!) daily DEV point increase.

Last PayDay - day 12

DAI wise we take 0.4264 DAI down on the last day before PayDay coming down to a total of 36.08140 DAI - 18.0745 (last payday) DAI = 18.0069 DAI to be distributed this PayDay. 


On to the RSS. Last PayDay we decided to claim daily (or every 2 days) since there were dissapearing RSS, coming down to these totals: 


Since this is in the millions and we want clean sheets, I will more than make up for the RSS in the payments today. 


As you Kings and Queens know "Every second Sunday 80% of all DAI dividends (after deduction of gas fees) of all BurgerLands will be distributed with matic on discord". Just so everyone knows, there are costs in claiming the DAI from the Land Portal: 


We saved up 1 DAI by only claiming once until now. For the ones who already asked why I don't just let it accumulate because we'd only have to claim once = 1x costs. Well, that means I will have to front the liquidity which brings extra costs with it. Don't forget there are costs in exchanging DAI to MATIC too. 

However, BurgerBaron is not too shabby. To show appreciation, to create some clean sheets on the DAI/RSS totals and to not create any mindfucks whatsoever with DAI still accumulating on Lands since PayDay 1 I decided to make it a DOUBLE PAYDAY. 


This means I will payout 80% of the 35.0814 DAI in MATIC on discord. Mind you, first PayDay was a 100% payout, this is normalized to 80% again.  However, DarthGexe who was the only smart one making use of Bonusses from last PayDay. Taking down a full extra 10% of this PayDay by referring 2+ Kingdoms to BurgerLand.

Now let's see what the POWER RANKINGS are: 


Zonked, BIG BOSS. Siegfriedy waving bye bye to GGian. BurgerBaron down the ladder. A lot is happening, we can see that. Seeing the activity lately is awesome and makes me confident we'll survive here on this little piece of paradise. After losing some and gaining a lot, we've increased with 7 more active Kingdoms and shitload of power since 2 weeks ago. 

See the change since 2 weeeks ago here: 



For questions about DAI to Matic exchange rate:


Distribution of rewards will be done in Matic on discord, I'll distribute to everyone I see in LoK discord. If I'll miss you due to not having the same nickname as ingame/you are not on LoK discord yet, please let me know.

Received Matic and want to stake? This article helps

That was it for the second PayDay, let's hope DAI dividends keep increasing, land levels keep rising and we only grow stronger and stronger.

BurgerLand for Glory!

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