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LoK - $Burger [BRGR] PayDay 22

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 31 May 2021

Dear BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

Another PayDay, another BRGR. First of all, congrats to Aume27Rpmp introducing an Axieschool for BRGR. For more details check it out on our discord! Also, some changes will be upcoming and we might do our updates on BRGR discord only from now on. It will all be discussed in our next POBB, still here on publish0x. On to PayDay 22. Seems our new P2E system is working well, so time for more BRGR's to be shared. For this PayDay, same story as last time: Since we won't withdraw due to higher costs and having to verify, we will just add up all the dividends from the lands and see how many BRGR's we scored this payday. As we didn't withdraw the DAI the rewards depicted should be subtracted with the amount of last time. With that being said, let's see how our Lands have done: 





= 38,1944 DAI

Shrine Lands: 


Due to Lange withdrawing, some funds were withdrawn a couple days after last PayDay - of which a note was made. Total coming down to 7,85 + 5 withdrawn earlier = 12,85 DAI. 

Means our total DAI from the last 2 weeks = 51,0444 of which 40,83552 (80%) will be used to reward our Leaders (5,10444) and Kings and Queens (35,73108) and 10,20888 (20%) will be used for community fund building.


24,4149 BRGR payout. Will be paid out according to the new P2E system! As Lange still has possession of the Shrine Lands a portion of those payments will be taken care of by him (math will come to you @Lange).

We as $Burger [BRGR] thank all the Kings and Queens.

For more info see / join our discord / follow us on twitter

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