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By Burger | $Burger [BRGR] | 12 Apr 2021

Kings and Queens,

As League of Kingdoms changes we have to change as well. By eliminating the chance to turn Victory Medals into Dev points for land, and the ability to be placed on one land while you spend your crystals on another, these changes require us to change our P2E system as well. Since both crystal spending and victory medals were an important part of adding value to our Land holdings, our play2earn was for an important part based upon being on our lands in order to catch the value of crystal spending with the addition of payments in Victory medals. With new automated tools made by Lange we managed to get a specific view of who adds value to the land in terms of added dev points. Since BRGR wants to incentivize players to add value to the holdings, we will be basing our payments on only one factor;

- How much value have you added in dev points relative to others on our lands?

It will be easier to do so when situated on our Lands and spending crystals, but is not necessary as you can farm from a distance. This is simple but mainly very effective. You add value? You get value back. The only requirement besides adding value is being on our discord, and reporting your ingame nickname to be included in the list. 

We will still be working together with our beloved GHUB alliances but might work towards opening up for all players contributing to the lands. So for now, you'll have to be a part of GHUB and adding dev points in some type of way (crystal spending while situated on our lands, resource farming) in order to be eligible for payments. Payments will be done on our discord in BRGR as usual. As this takes away some form of Alliance incentives for matters not directly benefitting lands but still important to alliances (think about helping other players), there will be a slight change in the %'s. It will still be 80%/20% divide between players/BRGR community fund, but to accommodate the Alliances, 70% will go directly to players and 10% to the Alliances for leadership and any incentives they want to set up to keep the Alliance rolling.

Next payday (18th of April) will still be the old system. The new P2E will be live from the 19th of April onwards. 


For more info see or join our discord - and follow us on twitter

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$Burger [BRGR]
$Burger [BRGR]

$Burger is an innovative community token with play 2 earn gaming at the forefront. Currently backed by the first project BurgerLands, dividend-earning digital lands in the League of Kingdoms game (LoK) that are actively being maintained and developed by the Gamers Hub [GHUB] Alliance.

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