WAX Games Get the GONG!

By Buckizard | Buckizard | 20 Jan 2023

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A lot of WAX games are gonna get mentioned in here.  The opinions are mine - don't get mad if they aren't your opinion or if one of these games happens to be your game or one you love and are playing. 

The list is long, this is my song, of how most games got the gong

The Gong Show TV Show on ABC: Cancelled or Renewed? - canceled + renewed TV  shows - TV Series Finale

Some you may know, some may not, but I will try and talk about each one to some degree.  I have NFTs for almost all of these still in my wallet, either for sale or other reasons, which I'll explain.  If you see something from a game you are still into, and I have something you like or want, make me an offer.  I usually consider all, especially if it means getting them out of my wallet.   3.lb4.wam is my WAX wallet.  I have some stuff on other chains but going to focus just on WAX. 

Also remember from my past stories that my main reason for leaving most of these was time.  I just don't have the time or want to spend the time, and would much rather spend that time in real life.  MY TIME IS MONEY in almost every aspect.  My 3 acres, my garden, 5 chickens, 3 ducks, all take work to maintain and keep running/living smoothly.  

If you have the time, or games are your full time job....whole different story.  When I play games now, it's rarely but on the PS4 or my phone.  I am still a daily player in SWGOH (Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes) on Android but only because I'm a huge Star Wars Geek.

I'm also a huge comics geek but have not collected in ages.  This will play a part in my new focus on WAX, which I'll write about in my next article.  Not sure why I'm hesitant to start this list, I think because it so extensive and I sometimes can't believe I spent so much time and WAX on these things.  OK, here we go!

Oh, by the way.  I will not be including links to these projects or referrals, maybe a couple of them, but otherwise DYOR and find them yourself.  If I underlined it, I am probably still active in some way with it.  My main games/projects listed last

  • KOGGS - one of my 1st, collect, can put them in containers like the POGS of long ago. Earn RFOX. Never got into them enough to be able to focus on containering them. they do have a game also, just like the pog game, got boring.  Still have 41, they sell sporadically
  • Alien Wars - still going, I still click throughout each day, still a consistent earner.  I was really making alot when NFTs dropped, now I just focus on TLM and usually cash out to WAX monthly
  • gdz.topps - i don't know, godzilla and monster cards from old, Megalon, Mothra, etc, 5 left all for sale
  • Ultra Horrors/Rare/Comix - actually a great group of folks and artists running these.  Have 41 still combined. Kind of lost touch with them because they went all Telegram, which I despise, so hard to keep track of them.  I watched a recent Twitch stream and rekindled enough interest to try to keep track, especially because I like the art
  • Graffiti Kings - and all associated projects and collabs.  Don't know, interest just died out with me. Only a few left in wallet
  • Dark Country - horror themed NFTs and now game.  29 in wallet for sale.  Lost track but evidently they have a game now and their site looks pretty cool.  think I got tired of waiting for the game and just lost interest, pretty nice artwork
  • GreenRabbit- in from almost the beginning, invested decent amount then they had dev fallout, and only one was left.  Still very active game on WAX, I still collect SHELL daily from staked drives, even dove deeper for awhile, crafting, exploring, but the end result was going to be armor I could wear ion the Metaverse.  I don't want to spend time in the metaverse and the game never earned me much, might even give up staking 
  • Farming Tales - One of my biggest earners, before hacker took my Greenhouse, then I got sour and sold everything.  And it took too long toj go collect everything daily.  really neat project that is still going strong, game keeps growing, and community is big.  Selling when game is till strong means big WAX, I made out good and think most is gone from my wallet but a few smaller items
    • Of note, I still make about 20 WAX/week from staking the in-game token SEST for CBIT, was staking since beginning why I kept that part.  Would be BIG WAX cashout if I removed and sold the SEST, but I am happy with the 20 WAX/week CBIT
  • NOA - was cool, then it wasn't. still stuff for sale
  • NFT Battle Miners - 208 cards, I think I have 6 mining operations going 24/7, the rest are staked in the mini game.  4 in-game currencies can earn, occasional NFTs. I basically check into game weekly, remove 75% of in-game tokens i earned, and cash out to WAX monthly.  Their PvP hasn't caught on as expected.  I don't know, I don't have to do much, so i dont mind keeping on board.
  • Exit Limbo - 92 all staked earning passive Limbo, which hasn't amounted to much so far
  • Oliveland - 16 NFTs based on trees.  Turns out the game part is on the back burner but their rl farm is up and active and they even have a webcam you can watch their farm grow.  They produce olives, oil, and more.  Trees do still earn passive token since beginning, not much
  • Million on Mars - WOW! What an in depth game and super cool.  What's nice is it all runs on their internal chain, only when transferring assets back and forth to WAX, do you need to use WAX chain.  I really liked this game BUT it got too much.  I could spend hours building, going on missions, collecting, harvesting, reading, and the list goes on.  Made out real good both in native token and in assets when I left, all I have left are 7non-transferrable NFTs  and a Martizen from Solano chain I have for sale on Opensea.  Really cool game though and very well done
  • Tales of the Crypto / Necrotic Dead Warfare - zombies at war.  Been playing since inception and the team was one of the few that cared when I got hacked and even gave me some compensation NFTs.  I make out pretty good from staked shrooms which produce RADS, also have a RAD farm on TACO, and do pretty well earning ZOMB from raids, which one could do tons more than me per day if this was their game.  Love the art, great community.  Cash out often
  • Draco Dice - still 103 and selling.  Really thought their would be more in-game uses for these cool looking dice, and maybe there are, but they would be in games, which trying to get away from.  Some have sold nice but most are pennies now.
  • Yoshi Drops - music NFTs, what could be more cool.  I have 8 but never kept up or reinvested.  Maybe, they are still growing
  • Virtual Dream - art NFTs that can be staked, I have 97 but don't actively seek more, some I get from a lower tier membership.  Cashed out a couple times, mostly just passive now
  • Future's Relic - 214 still and my biggest menace in my wallet.  Was a cool concept of grinding and blending NFTs to make a final piece of film.  they are active across communities and still strong, just hard to sell, lots of resellers and hard to keep up with.  Some stake decent on DM and were some of my 1st to fill gaps to 100 until I got more Byron art
  • Colonize Mars105 in wallet, passive staking and mini games right now. Blending was fun, cool concept, won't play when/if they go live but still cash out on passive semi-regular
  • Warsaken - 106 cards and now they have a tabletop game using same cards.  Trying to sell, small passive income, they are big across communities right now and building.  NFT card is kind of live but you just need so many cards (65) to play I know its gonna be a huge time sink so slowly selling these
  • Unlinked - 28 NFTs and was kinda cool starting out, disappeared for a bit, but recently resurfaced and looks like they have a plan which looks cool, moving forward.  Sitting on to see what happens
  • Novopangeaio - I really like this game and had a good base set to go far but it was a time sink for me and I hated their method of pack drops. Sold almost everything for decent prices
  • Rland - almost all gone, branched off and active in RPlanet, mining, leveling, more mining.  Felt empty and not fun
  • Starship Alpha - starships into space, mine planets, different sectors large groups buy into and get cuts of planet mining and when you return to their main starship.  Ships had equipment.  I had all 6 ships, and a few planets. Personally I think they tried to get too many people involved, and it just diluted everything.  I only mined my own planets, and nobody else ever mined mine, still selling atm
  • Mining Network - not sure why I still play.  game for whales, and if you don't invest big and regular, its hard to make anything.  I didn't and don't but still log in every couple days to collect. have never been able to cash out, probably will be done with this one soon
  • Swamp Soldier - pixelated 2d game that has a pretty good following and community.  I stake only, we'll see. Probably sell soon
  • Crypture Worlds  - was kind of fun, monsters, crafting.  Currently selling all, ended up with lots of crap 84 NFTs atm
  • Lewdies - generative, ranked NSFW scantily clad chicks.  What more can I say, I'm a sucker.  Good value on em, good community, still in
  • Gods n Legends - pretty cool, went in big at 1st, wasn't impressed with their tower defense game, lost interest, making decent passive on a WAXDAO farm so don't know how many, maybe 50
  • Immersys - a very cool 3D 1st person, huge world game, another time sink, had to leave early
  • Marine Battle - cool game, ships, battle, could load up your own NFTs to reward players for battling on your lands.  Dev just slacked, and I lost interest, still selling
  • Music Mogul - official WAX game, right? maybe they still go big, lost interest and was able to sell big, still have a few more, its still going
  • Blockchain Brawlers - another official WAX game you probably saw a lot of push for.  I got some cool stuff early, but its all PvP based, and I hate PvP, still going and I made out good.

I left out a huge numbers of projects that were neither games or anything but I still have tons of NFTs

  • Stoneycards, ArataDigital, Oddity Parlor, NFT Stonkerz, Strattonshire, Robotech, GoCrypto Brew, NFT Reptile, StarCards, CorpWorld.  Might be some more and really not sure what to do with lots of these, don't sell for much, and takes work to sell em.  Will probably deal with more once wallet is more manageable.

TOTAL FLOPS / RUGS  - Really one big one in this category. It is MachineArmy.  Man, I had high hopes.  Super complex robot machine building, planets, and the game looked to be super cool.  Had over 4000 NFTs, was getting regular passive game tokens from memberships, even cashed out a few times big for wax on the passive.  The dev just made it way too big, too complex, for just him.  I chatted with him one on one and he evidently started getting huge anxiety and just couldn't come back.  Claims still being worked on in background.  It is dead.  Made nothing after, still have 160 NFTs, all those other ones?  BURNED em.  Never go big if they can't get whitelisted, I do believe it is useful for things such as this.  If he ever resurrects it, I kept the best stuff and still have useless tokens...a lot. Funny Cats  was another cute game, stake and collect daily.  Then one day they announced done and selling project.  I don't think anyone picked it up.  Guess I did pretty good at only 2 major rugs.


  • TACO- Big community doing lots across WAX!  I have 2 venues and common and uncommon, lots extractors, collectors, brigade (shout out to Cozy's venue) and tons of stuff staked all across their platform.  Also really loving Acryptia and it may take some time, but it is really really fun.  I have a dented helmet so far and it procs fairly regular.  really invested and will continue investing in this project and group.
  • WOMBAT - have enjoyed this game a lot and love the idea of using NFTs from projects I like, love the challenges, and doesn't take too much time to actively play.  I do some of the Wombat stuff to get rewards, which I payout in EOS.  I got about 3+ EOS at end of season and probably a total of 5 throughout the season.  I have a ton of valuable stuff, including a Gold Extractor, it is all in the game right now.  Will continue playing this and love the clan I am in, theHorde.
  • CastlesNFT game - actually got into this after reading another person's article (TPL) and am now starting my 1st full season so that will determine if I stay active or now.  I have 4 lands, castle, all crafters except Baron, 2 uncommon heroes, monster tome, 3 runeseekers.  Enjoying the gameplay and rewards so far.  I'm giving it a chance for a full season.  I joined towards end of a season.
  • Mining Architect - not playing yet, 1st drop today 1/20, we'll see what I get.  Ran across it in a stream but you may be seeing it promoted more.  Familiar with some of the devs from other successful projects and that usually means good things.  Based off of a real mining farm(s) and your NFTs are rewarded based on the farms mining and which NFTs you have.  I believe in the green-mining concept, social mining, and the Team so will be going for the initial drops and see where this goes.  This is the only one I will leave  a link so check it out.

That's a pretty small list of active compared to the huge list of what I was active in.  Went from hours a day or more, to sometimes less than 30 mins to get through these .  


Not even close and maybe going even deeper but with more specific focus and investments.  My investments are now based on what makes me feel good and what is good for my spirit and soul, and all those help my PTSD.  Wanna know what all those things are I'm now focused on?

You'll have to wait for my last part to this series!

Thanks again for reading.




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