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Gaming to Crypto to Crypto-Gaming

By Buckizard | Buckizard | 14 Jan 2023


The zombie cat at top of page is by artist I couldn't see credit showing in post and wanted to give credit to a great artist, where credit is due..

If you missed my previous article tied to this post and about my background, here ya go BACKGROUND

My introduction into crypto came early, when all those coins above didn't exist yet.  There were a handful but Bitcoin and Ethereum were at the top so I started there.  My biggest thing was learning how to get some ,wallets, the blockchain, security, etc.  I decided just to get some Bitcoin and stick it in a KeepKey hard wallet. Think I bought a couple hundred dollars worth as a Christmas present in 2018. It was somewhere around $3,500 at the time.

KeepKey Review (2022 Updated) - Why It's Not the #1 Hardware Wallet

I really didn't know what else to do with it, so forgot all about it. Guess they call it hodling.  Guess it paid off. 

I floated around the blockchain world, joining new coin projects on various chains.  You know, get in early and hope for the best.  A few paid off later, but most did nothing.

Let The Games Begin

I was still mostly playing games on my Android and Playstation.  My 1st introduction to a blockchain game was Blockchain Cuties. They were cute, had a cool but complex breeding mechanism, raiding, and worked off several chains.  I picked ETH. and went to work.  I was having fun and breeding them like crazy, selling on their internal market and making some decent ETH.  Now, this was also when ETH transactions were 2-3 cents a transaction so I could go crazy.  Felt like a healthy market and I was sure having fun.  It took any more free time I had so I wasn't looking for or at any other blockchain games.

  • I still consider the GOAT of video games the Horizon Zero Dawn games on Playstation, by Guerilla Games Absolutely stunning graphics, amazing original mechanics, incredible story and just fantastically fun to play.  Still my go-to game (I despise any game that has PvP, in case wondering why some other games might not be on there). If you've never played it, you're really missing out a lot. Link below post.

Horizon Zero Dawn.jpg

Then the big bear market hit, everything busted through the roof.  Guess what? Now those transactions in BC were like dollars, not cents.  I couldn't even afford to take them off the market to try and resell, nor could I list any, it was too much.  Too bad too, I was really into the game, even though I didn't even realize all these cuties were NFTs.  I quit playing, and still have in my wallet, over 500 cuties.

  • On a side note, within the last few months, after opening an Opensea account to buy some artwork and NFTs, I used my same ETH wallet, which also imported all my cuties.  Some, I guess, were still valuable because I've made $300-400 in ETH in the last month selling them. Yeah, fees still outrageous but sure does feel good being able to not only get rid of them,, but make something from them too.

After this NFTs really started interesting me.  I started learning how to create them and loved seeing what others were creating.  i started on hicetnunc which was on the tezos chain.  I just recently found out it went under THE RISE AND FALL OF HEN (.xyz).  It was a big deal and was topping Opensea for awhile for number of users. Luckily being on the tezos chain, the art still lives on.  I even found my addy and via objkt, found some a few pieces I made .  I also tried Kalamint and maybe a few others.  BUT, besides creating and selling on the, at the time, very limited marketplaces these sites had, I really wasn't getting into it too much and didn't see what I was gaining out of it, except satisfying a little curiosity about NFTs.  Now I have my tezos wallet back though, a good thing.

The big thing keeping me from doing much at all was the market we were in at the time, everything was just so expensive and transactions were costing a fortune to even try and do anything. 

In early 2021 I discovered WAX.   Fee-free transactions?! Yes, please!  It was March of 2021 when I discovered WAX, I dipped into my Bitcoin and bought a couple hundred dollars in WAX, which was sitting around 0.25 at the time (it's around .05 today 1/14/2023). 

WAX Blockchain Announces 6 Million Users Milestone for WAX Cloud Wallet and  All Time High Daily Users | Business WireHow to Buy WAX Crypto (WAXP) - Easy Exchange Guide for 2023

I know attention spans are short, at least mine is.  So this is a good place to stop because my adventures, mostly in gaming (unfortunately) in WAX from early 2021 to present is lengthy, complex, sad, and long.  So it will wait for another followup to this shortly.  

Thanks for reading!

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