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By Buckizard | Buckizard | 26 Jan 2023


Not going to link to the previous posts, this can be a read alone.  You can find my other posts that explain my journey to this point in crypto easily enough. 

I LOVE art!!  I think it amazes and pleases me so much because I really really suck at it.  If I could put my thoughts, dreams, and imaginations onto paper....I would be in heaven.  Maybe writing will do it in the future for me because I do get a certain satisfaction from putting thoughts to paper.

My uncle made a living being an was not an easy journey.  I can remember him in his 60s collecting recycling on the street to make ends meet.  But I still admired and looked up to him because I thought his art was beautiful.  But talking about crypto and the WAX blockchain, in this article specifically, I am in fear of what art will become.  


There, I said it and don't really care if you agree with me or not.  Look, I'm an artist!  It took me all of about 5 minutes to create all of that below. I put zero effort into it. okay, maybe 0.1% effort.


Even WAX is encouraging this AI art as a means for creators to easily create the NFTs they need for their project.  Here is an article (click pic) from WAX_io


So many artist looking for work, looking for ways to sell their art....and we're gonna make it so nobody needs em anymore.  Just get good with words and voila!  No commission, no cut, no nothing for artists. Shame on you WAX_io.  My favorite and hundreds of creators favorite chain to create and now you're going to encourage crap.  Sorry, if you create using AI.  I can appreciate the results, but not the end result.  Like a robot putting hundreds out of work at some factory to automate assembly of something.  I can appreciate the result, but try not to support it.  I'm American.  I strive to buy American and support local economies whenever I can.  I am going off-track, back to art.

I ride the fence on digital art.  I used to have a problem with it, even though I was in awe with the resulting pieces. I have seen the work that goes into some digital pieces.  It takes talent.  I have also seen how a single swipe or button can color an entire piece. Automatic, automation, I don't know anymore but I just try and appreciate some cool stuff.  

My real appreciation, however, comes from the physical artist.  Pens, pencils, paints, and what that artist is able to do with them.  It just amazes me.  I am incredulous.  I have made it my point to try and support artists, even if its not always with my paycheck.  Encouragement, spreading their art to others, and yes, sometimes buying their stuff.  


I still have boxes of comics, in plastic, backed with cardboard, in my garage.  I knew these things were created by hand by someone and fell in love with them.  While I no longer have subscriptions, or first day pulls, and don't keep up as much, I still love them.

  • Frank Miller
  • Rob Liefeld
  • Todd Mcfarlene
  • Dave Acosta
  • Mark Kidwell
  • Robert Kirkman
  • Jim Starlin

These are just to name a few of the many talented artists out there from the comic world.  And with DC and Marvel being the tyrants they are, it has made holding onto your job, or starting new companies to compete (Image) very difficult.  And the artists' profession is still hard.  

I love to see that many artists are able to express themselves on WAX, sell their art as NFTs, and with some talented artists, even make utility from them and have fun with them.  I could go on about other chains, or Opensea ("You want how much for a NFT??!!"), I'm going to try and stay focused in here on WAX.  its always the art that draws me in, even when I was all WAX gaming and not collecting art.  

WAX ARTISTS - A Shoutout!  Please, don't be mad, this list is far from inclusive and mostly artists I follow or collect from on WAX.

List starts from my most active collections.

  • Byron the Artist - my most favorite artist and my biggest collection. I really could go on about this artist, he does everything.  Engaging discord, sales and monthly subscriptions across 4 blockchains, really active and hard working artist. 


https: Atomichub artist page for byronartset1

Those are my main 2 artists.  Following are what I can provide short and sweet.  I've just run out of motivation trying to name/link so many so will give a running list with short links, many of these came from twitter when I reached out looking for more artists

Update: I forgot that I had a sheet showing some art collections I already had in my wallet or were still collecting from way back.

  • The Online Inn - I have had an annual membership the last few years and get some cool artsy drops constantly.  Some can be staked, some blends, but mostly just fun and very active community
  • Aether Faucet. - see above Online Inn link.  another yearly membership I've had, fun stuff with staking and more, seem to be same devs as Online Inn, Frazel, who is very active
  • Lewdies - I love my Lewdies, slowly building, up to 3 now
  • Monica Rempel and the Experimental Greenhouse - Just a lot of fun with NFTs and art.  Blend for adding sunlight, water, weeding, and in the end, harvest some cool flowers.  Think this is expanding and may offer even more soon
  • Ultra Rare/Comix/Horrors - actually one of my earliest collections, when I was thinking more gaming than anything.  Still have from each of those collections but harder to follow because they are mostly on Telegram (which I despise)
  • Virtual Dream - discord only but very active art collection with blending and staking I have been with them awhile but just not as active acquiring them as I was

I've realized after the update above that even a lot of the games I'm still into, like Tales of the Crypto, have amazing artists and artwork so see my previous post because a lot of those I am still active with.


So art has become my new focus.  Well, art and passive income - lotsa farms and staking.  I still gotta make some WAX to buy this art, right?


Thanks for reading.

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