CRYPTo's REPUBLIC of Plenty: Plenty of What? TKOs 2021 1/2H Report


Yup its the summer now, Crypto's market sag is here, at all time valuation highs mind you.

I have added this short TKO Report format to make for a quick read (beer or water ski or whatever..) :)

We are at the half year mark for 2021, still wondering what the heck happened Nov 3rd 2020 and what the impact will be of the AZ Audit spilling into other states and the impact it will have on business in general.

What is certain is there will be an impact.

What specifically is in store for crypto remains to be seen.

With big money and big surveillance securely in control of all things #BTC, #ETH 2.0 out the door and #DEFI clearly making it's impact to secure 25-33% of the top 100 market valuations depending on how you look at DEFI, its clear we are in a VERY different spot than this time last year mired in the WUFLU Wankernomics which have since subsumed a big percentage of the SMB market share value  wherever BIGBox stores are located.

Crypto for the SMB, IMO has many surprises coming, good ones in fact which will see the following blossom in the 2nd half of this year: namely:



1-More SMB Retailers & Services taking crypto of both public (BTC, ETH, #LTC et al) &  even private (#ARR, #XRM)

 Specifically I expect Some SMBs to tool up for Black Friday by accepting BTC at a minimum, likely through their Shopify Store or Shopping cart app.

Those crypto projects doodling on building retail support for their crypto need to get going now.



2- DEFI's increase in  Passive Income Complexity will shift part of the Investor interest elsewhere to P2P DEXes

  Why? Because complexity is frustrating when the value is hard to calculate, Expect PoW asset backed transactions to blossom on DEX  via ATOMICDEX and atomic swaps in general. Ebay, Kijiji and even Amazon would be wise to take note. I expect other B2B markets of boutique form to grow as a result as people barter and trade their way out of shaky financial budget spends into a more affordable world of plenty.  Sure I will take ARRR for that used set of  golf clubs we don't use any more , in P2P fashion.

I can see mobile phone generated Q codes being exchanged as part of the atomic swap, Codes which are verified online to unlock physical storage units or lockers via the cloud web,  so you  the buyer of the clubs can pick up the clubs one time after we do the deal online between wallets -ie you agree to pay for the clubs via a smart contract, which waits for me to submit the  good for this amount a time at this location QR code needed with the password  to the  physical lockup.

The FleaMarket reinvented yet again online, this time with Atomicswaps and P2P using privacy crypto more and more.



3- Plenty of FIAT Flight  to Quality Crypto as the CBDC onslaught arrives, country by country:

The Cash Kill Shot?

'they' are almost here, that is the CentralBankDigitalCurrencies, aka fiat reborn as #CBDC wth no issue limits under central control with new CBDC Paper and coins. Will any of this new air be backed with substance? Maybe, we see some backed with Gold and Silver or coins made of both (ie the 45th's free coin, free for now to US Citizens)

Will we see Cash go bye bye soon in the developed countries?

Nope you will get new paper and coin based on CBDC values.

Existing Cash will morph into new forms, namely silver coins and expect copper to make a comeback too. Those pennies are worth 27 cents an ounce  these days, anyone remember or collect the Big British Penny from World War One times?

Pretty easy to size copper as a quarter, 10 cent or 5 cent piece for machine use and also make it available as a 1 ounce coin you check the prices on daily...

For sure the last 1/2 of 2021 will be Plenty of Surprises, Good, Bad and Ugly,

the proportion of each you consume will be up to you.

That's all for now, stock up, be safe

TK over and out.


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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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