The RED Dopes are Comin'!: Blockchain Transparency Developers to the RESCUE!
The Left/Right Matrix Again or eVoter control of eGovernance on the Blockchain?

The RED Dopes are Comin'!: Blockchain Transparency Developers to the RESCUE!

Add that  "Transparency" word to anything, Voting, Government Management, Price Discovery etc and, voila, you get the picture,

Magically, having that one single feature of the "blockchain", transparency, operating on electrically efficient distributed PoW ledgers surfacing the above  transparency functions  to serve the people (via eVoting), indeed enables the world many of us seek, one which is honest and fair.

Such a world for the people, designed by the people, realizing the original design intent of such a world anyone can trace back to its origins in 1776,

(in response to what was 13 years of repression at the time, starting with the King George the III's (Turd?)  Stamp Act of 1763 of which you can learn more here)

Is  indeed possible, so why is transparent eVoter control over eGovernance not happening?

Well, there are two armies of crony capitalist powered Left/Right compromised camps, both sporting RED colors, looking to VAX you and, without such papers saying you have had the vax injection, you won't be able to do much of anything.

That's the end game.

'They' will find you a nice camp, guarded by the #facediapered elite, a place where you can end your days, contemplating the errors of your complacency. 

Make no mistake about it. It's the RFK jr. fight on a giant, worldwide scale and your abject submission is the fuel source of your own demise.


Well its not what I expected...

                         "Well it's not quiet what I expected, I guess we should have taken that damned vax" 

The Malignancy of Malfeasance in Government - Serving their Masters in lieu of Serving the People

The US Constitution, which was manifested by the "brave and bold of the time" symbolized by the Tea Party and the reaction to the stamp Tax on Grog  in 1763 or thereabouts, continues to be the world's longest enduring political project under constant siege to dismantle it by the "vested Interests".

Well, the current machinations of government, those institutions supposedly designed to protect and enforce the US Constitution for the well being of the people, mis-piloted by those chosen/selected to run it, have such operators engaged in  'other interests', which, surprise, are not in line with yours,  you the voting populous and, 'they' are never going to fully let you know what those 'interests' are, for fear I suspect, of a total revolt by the populous. (ala_1776) 

So for such operators, it's best to continue to  operate covertly (print US $ 5 Trillion) under a diversion one week later (The Great Cornholio_Virus),  in order to profitably pursue those interests, realizing their underlying motives, which are to gain absolute  global control and power using the current game plan spawned in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation,  while the masses comply under that easily consumed "buy line" of "keeping you safe". (ie- Get a #vax then we will let you do stuff, don't get a #vax and, we have just the camp for you, to contain you and, the way you think.)


Yuh Think?!

REBOOT to Transparency For the People - No Banker Economic Reset and UBI Check from the FED Allowed. 

Injecting transparency into this whole journey and process of "evolving democracy", US Style, to create that truly just and honest world, is hard.

We the people have to work for democratic principles every day in our communities, shouting at the 'top of your lungs' every which way you can, in our current state of #facediapered shite.

Like the 'Minute Men' of the day way back in US Revolutionary times, Blockchain Developers truly need to take note, the world is in a very bad place, driven by speculative gains used to power more centralized control of the world for just a few, who are intent on culling the 'herd' you and your family, in many weird and wacked ways. Not good.

It's time for the Blockchain Developer  of every ilk to take notice and move into action, like yesterday. (Blockchain is not just all about realizing speculative gains.) 


Blockchain Developers Awake!

Blockchain Developer Call to Action- DIY or watch your human rights evaporate in full view of your complacency...

#SOVRINTown is our effort to piece that 'transparency" puzzle together on the distributed permissionless ledger of the #IOTA "blockchain, likely using some SOCIETY2 capabilities in their planned SDK.  We are aiming to bring eVoting control to the populous over  eGovernance in the most transparent, ummutable way possible, as fast as possible.

Why? Cuz the human race, everywhere, is out of time and options in 2020 as far as stopping the erosion of their 'god given'  rights are concerned.

How can we help?

We encourage all blockchain developers to take the SOVERINTown ideas presented and build their own version,  no strings attached, we will help where we can, even if it's just publicity for your transparency project on your favourite blockchain.

Finally those working on vax certificates and contact tracing  placed on the blockchain need to rethink their game..... , those efforts my fellow developers, are misguided, because such efforts further  "grease"  slippery slope to communism by enabling the FULL erasure of your basic human rights and right  to permissioned privacy.

Let us know how we can help,

TK over and out.






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