SOVRINTOWN: BLOCKCHAIN 'Protect' your Town's Future Prosperity, Transparently!
SOVRINTown New Crypto gold Rush via eVote on eGov on the Blockchain

SOVRINTOWN: BLOCKCHAIN 'Protect' your Town's Future Prosperity, Transparently!

SOVRINTOWN Copyright 2020 Robert Reive All Rights Reserved. Licensed as Open Source for use under the BSD Software License 2.0

Optional Annual Service & Support Subscriptions as well as custom Development & Support by SOVRINTown (TK and Team et al.)

Tired of Cancel Culture? Had enough of giving your consent to governments dictating the reduction of your personal and business freedoms?

Yearning for 100% Transparency & Honesty, as it applies to your vote counting and your local government doing what it was elected to do in the first place?

In this era of "Local Common People Gripes going largely unheard", getting 'deflected' by most local politico types at all levels, those who serve themselves instead of, serving the people which elected them, "deflection"  is a common occurrence, with a "deflection count" which reaches into the millions, daily.

We are all searching for solutions to this 'egregious' state of affairs, especially at the local level to stop these deflections, once and for all.

Well for the past few years, the world at large, the people, have actually been privy, unknowingly, to the 'deflection' solution all along.

Some well informed people are finally waking up to the possibility they can solve the above problems themselves by removing the root of each from their lives, "Gordian Knot" style, by simply moving their Local, State/Prov. and even Federal Vote & Governance mechanisms to distributed 'blockchain' permissionless public ledgers as eVoting and eGovernance Services for the people, engineered by the people (open source communities) 

Hacking the Gordian Knot of Digital Identity Hacking the eVote & eGovernance knots, quite possible, provided we get Digital Identity right...


Is it that simple? Hacking the eVote and eGovernance legacy Gordian knots out of our local lives, "Alexander the Great"  style?

Well read on to find out more, so you can all collectively reboot your town, village or county safely into prosperity with 'blockchain tech' transparency, bottom up. ;)


Introducing SOVRINTown: Blockchain Protection, Prosperity and Transparency for the Voting Masses & Their Local Community. 

SOVRINTown- The eVote, eGovernance Trojan Horse, Blockchain Tech style


First the Laundry Lists of "Modern day" Mobile Homo Sapiens Sapiens  "Wants" for their Town, County or Village :

(really we can trace ourselves to 350,000 yr old CroMagnons)

Yup the best parts of SOVRINTown are free

Free-  what the SOVRINTown delivers to you for being a member of a SOVRINTown enabled Community at any age:

1 A Real Public Town Square Social Media, sans Cancel Culture

2 Virtual Town Mall  where anyone can Hang their Shingle and Advertise, Daily

3 Community Channels, Lots of them for Streaming Live and Stored Content

4 eVoting, often and secure, every time (private for your eyes only) for all things pertinent

5 Online Payments, with no transaction fees, Fiat or Crypto (Private for your eyes only) 

6 A Town Treasury with 100% Voter Visibility on Cash inflows and Outflows

7 Community Education and Training Materials for All Ages, Streamed, content

8 CCTV Viewing of the Cityscape for All -  Citizen Access to all Public Cameras  (Not just the cops)

9 Local 'Gofundme-like' citizen tabled ePetitions

       (which lead to local evoting events and subsequent Smart contract management of local  govt spend)

10 Own your eVoter Identity online- with complete privacy using Zero Knowledge proofs


For SOVRINTown, these are business enablers which help pay for the Service direct to a Voter approved Smart Contract Managed  Town Treasury

Optional- You are willing to Pay to the SOVRINTown  for Optional Services (If they ever had any of these services)

A  Virtual  "in-store" shopping from the  Virtual Town Mall  (Enter and Shop)

B Private Channels- as you see fit, reachable by anyone in the town, village or county, free or paid- your choice

C Contract Management, Setup and Run oyur own Smart Contracts and Oracles, for your Store and Channels

D Online Currency Exchange fiat or Crypto- Get Paid for your products/services and Pay the Town  in what you want 

E Contract Online Experts in the currency you want to use, Crypto or Fiat- your choice


Dilbert Aside, SOVRINTown Optional Services cost the costs and leave a surplus in the Town Treasury

Operating Costs- What your Town & the Voters Should Pay the Provider of SOVRINTOWN Services:

I eGovernance, Management of Budget Spend gated by Smart Contracts voted on/approved by the Electorate

II  Setup & Integration, related Support Services for implementing  Receipt of Taxes in fiat , Crypto or metals

III  Setup/Integration of Transfers to the SOVRINTown Treasury of Receipts from SOVRINTown Managed Services and external 3rd Parties

IV Setup/Integration of Multi-Signature Control of SOVRINTown  Wallet Accounts and  and access to related Smart Contracts and oracles.

V  Customization,Deployment, Support of Admin Dashboard to the SOVRINTown oracle Smart contract rule-sets managing the other Smart Contracts & SOVRINTown compute Jobs

VI  Management of SOVRINTown Virtual Hosting Services Management and Billing for Virtual Town Mall Store and Private Channel Services

VII  Setup/Training/Support of Crypto Asset 'Balancer' Pool Management and Community Investor intake of Crypto Asset Funds Setup on the SOVRINTown Treasury oracle SCs

VIII Design/Build & Support of SOVRINTown Node Deployment  and operation in Distributed Off-Grid Micro Data Centre containers powered by Container Batteries and charged by Solar, wind if it exists and backup charging from the grid with a sell back option. WIMAX uDC/colo to uDC/colo connectivity and uDC/colo WIFI 6/7 unlicensed spectrum via Towers and Roof Top linked DASes "Distributed Anntenae Systems", for all in the local community. (ie- You need a key to get in, as a Visitor,  which means Visitors go pick up a time/person limited key access for free from your Town virtual or physical tourist office, to enable hotel access to various daily/weekly festivals streamed on the SOVRINTown public Channels, rain or shine)


Local Community Communications and Micro Data Centre Infrastructure: The Cornerstones of SOVRINTown

Now this last one, VIII,  is a tall order it seems, except that the SOVRINTown gear last twenty years, fits on a 15 year amortization schedule and SOVRINTown pays for itself with Optional Revenue quite quickly. So the optional income generated (and the reduction of town works costs in the process) means the inflows easily pay for the SOVRINTown outflows, where said equipment is placed on a 10 or 15 year lease, with 5% annual Service/Support Charges for all equipment in the Micro DC/Colo, on the Tower and the container BESS Battery Energy System Solution powering everything, including the charging equipment (solar & wind) and the connection to the existing public power grid currently serving the town.


SOVRINTown's Cornert Stones: Effort and your feedback, to get it right.., Their are are no real technical barriers, only political ones.


What makes up a SOVRINTown Service Deployment?- It's all in the Design and, the People Effort

The "Architecture" Archimate Style... cuz someone has to build SOVRINTown - A Template for Success

A Template for SOVRINTown Success - Archimate 3.1 courtesy the Opengroup

Suffice it to say we will use the best tools to get SOVRINTown to design and build right, first adding Strategy and Motivation top layers  before we dive into the chart above, then adding Implementation and Migration to complete the design, necessary layer adds required to create a perpetually useful set of community services driven by the voter.

Most importantly the SOVRINTown Distributed Nodes live in the Community Owned & managed Micro Data Centre "colos" for infrastructure sovereignty.

More coming soon on Github. 


Why SOVRINTown now?

It's long over due, for the community (supposedly)  serving you.

It's Open source, on Github.

TK and Team (immediate and contracted) simply  design supply and build out  the low cost warrantied equipment assigned to  your town equipment lease holder so SOVRINTown Services pay for the necessary infrastructure needed quickly, without the need for rate payer taxes to rise and, any excess from  earned from SOVRINTown goes right into the eVoter approved & managed  Smart Contracts controlling your town, village or county Treasury eWallets/Hardwallets and their related eVoter approved Smart Contracts operating on the private part of the Distributed Permission-less Ledger, only privy to members of your community.


SOVRINTown a vorter self styled version of Sovereignty where the voter is control, not the status quo.


SOVRINTown in Action- The People & The Project Motives, The Tech

"eVoter controlled Governance/Budget Spend for Local Sovereignty"

We at SOVRINTown (again TK et al as above) will do the setup ( or work with your favourite IT integrator partner to do so), train the town, village or county works staff to operate  and,  service your SOVRINTown deployment and, we keep working on the SOVRINTown open source software , powered by the annual service revenue, adding free and optional services to SOVRINTown which, you the voter, decide to add at any time via the free SOVRINTown eVoting service.

SOVRINTown is secured by #IOTA 's distributed permissionless ledger called the TANGLE . Distributed on top is  SOVRINTown's implementation of the open source  #Society2 for Social Networks delivering SOVRINTown's  Content, streaming, timeline and chat services, which make up the bulk of your SOVRINTown  Free Service Set Implementation .  Best of all no transaction fees required. all good :)

Coming to your town, later in 2021, SOVRINTown. 

Ping us with anything else you can think of, in the comments below and follow us on Github.

We will keep you up to date with SOVRINTown's  progress. We expect to support right away Fiat in #CAD, #USA, #Euro forms and support as many of the mainstream, high volume/retail use Cryptocurrencies as possible, with #BTC, #ETH & #IOTA being available right way in the Free deployments of SOVRINTown (and maybe a few more like #BAT, #DASH, #ZCASH etc.. ). SOVRINTown on the paid services & retail/product side is all about broadly accepting Crypto locally together with Fiat and even #gold, but more likely silver (for all you stackers out there...) and making it easy to fluidly accept and receive any mix to get your transaction completed. eVoter approved and managed SCs will control the Treasury,  with  Treasury investment  management  making use of crypto Balancers  expected to be part of the integrated SOVRINTown mix of service capabilities. 

Lots to do, so little time. 

Will the People (maybe us, maybe your favourite IT systems integrator we also help support)  designing, building and helping to support your SOVRINTown get rich?

Not likely.

Will the effort be gratifying and sufficiently rewarding for those involved?

Absolutely,  IF and, only if, SOVRINTown adoption becomes widespread to better everyone's local community safely, imbuing local SOVRINTown citizen users with more prosperity and local governance transparency than originally thought possible. :)

"Cat's out of the bag!"


TK over and out.


PS- SOVRINTown is certainly new,  as a project, freshly registered in Github Sept 21st, 2020 on the Equinox Eve, it's been brewing for awhile now, in different forms per my TK past blogs on Publish0x the last 18 months, it's more urgent now than ever SOVRINTown comes to fruition by mid 2021.

If you want to help out drop me a comment or better yet, at least joint github and, watch the SOVRINTown project evolve, to stay up to date. :)

System and Service Integrators of course are welcome, always, regardless of locale, to join the SOVRINTown project and help out. 







Macro Cryptonomic Observations & Insights for investors small & big. I educate, offer tips, forecasts re: tech & people drivers operating "under the hood" moving the crypto market. Working on SOVRINTown Managed transparent & honest evoting & govt spend

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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

This blog is where I post about break thru "non-subsidized" Green Tech anything that helps.. like our new WRRhead four rotor tech (formerly TWIND Power 2 rotor tech) at, and occasionally I talk "BESS" Battery Energy Storage Systems which actually make wind and solar better options when the kWhr costs in below US $125.00 (Zinc Air based BESS VIZN, Zinc8, NantEnergy) with 20 year lifespan, lots of re-charge cycles w/ deep cycle draw ;)

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