SOVRINTown- Bingo Card eVoting with IOTA Smart Contracts
A Bird's Eye View of SOVRINTown eVoting Bingo Card

SOVRINTown- Bingo Card eVoting with IOTA Smart Contracts

Under the SOVRINTown banner, TK and others are working hard to bring Transparency and Honesty to Voting on IOTAs Tangle via eVoter validation using IOTA Access,  where such validated eVoters also vote on and approve  IOTA Smart Contracts controlling future eVoting and eGovernance management of public service budget spend and control to multi-sig wallets.  

This post is a sneak peak of the SOVRINTown concept centred around the "Bingo Card"  Method of Voting, that is the validated eVoter is placing issued colored coins into fields on the Bingo Card via their Browser, Mobile App, or if they have no device, do the same  via a Low cost Polling Station Booth (Raspberry Pi/FPGA Combo running IOTA Hornet, summarily described at the end of this post).

The post primarily lays out for the investor and developer, the 'framework' in which SOVRINTown development and test efforts operate, hi-lighting key information in each section to help create a better understanding of the time and effort required to actually built an eVoting Solution with complete transparency and honesty to avoid future Voting Schmozzles. (Multi-Schmoozing gone way wrong.) 

(like the 2020 election in the US is in, right now and, yes I spell Schmozzle  with a  'c'  like Schmooze   ;)  .)

All  reader comments  and ideas as usual are welcome in the common section below. :) 

To Stay on Top of SOVRINTown project check into our Discord Server here

In the spirit of sharing with other Open Source types, here is how we are going about "it":



Client Requirements: Must/Should/Could  (Mandatory/Optional/Nice to Have)

First we need a set of Requirements for SOVRINTown eVoting Module , so here goes... an Outline of what's up next 

           Targeted Goals & Stated Benefits: The SOVRINTown eVoter 'Stakeholder' Set

                   For the eVoter: Fast, Convenient, Secure with Privacy Protection, Fast Immediate Progress & Final Results

                          Mobile and Desktop Access

                          Polling Booth Access

                   For the Public Service


                           Summary Result Certification

                                   Multi Sig Support (Appointed versus elected Public Servants)

                    For the Political Service



                    For the eVoter Service Operators

                              From the Cloud

                              From the Colo

                    For the Legislative Branch

                            Smart Contract Creation


                                        eVoting Epoch

                           Licensing:  100% Open Source  Terms of Use , Modification under the BSD License

                           Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Common Law Only

                                         Between Human Authors & Users, Developers, Supporters of the SOVRINTown Evoting System Code

                                         Human Juror Decisions presiding under a Human Judge referencing Common Law Precedents in Canada                                 

            General Requirements: Those Things you just have to pay attentions to....


                            Developer Experimental Network

                            Development Test & Release Management Platform:

                            Development Reference Platform- Bug Validation, NFR & CR Trials

                            Cloud Services (AMZ , G, Azure)

                                     In Cloud operation of Modified  PermaNodes

                                     Cloud Access from a DC or Colo by Hornet Nodes to PermaNodes in Colo and/or Cloud

                            Dedicated  Distributed Colo hosting: Rack Mount Linux  Modified Hornet & Permanodes

                                     Deployment Via Kubernetes or Docker using Terraform BluePrint

                                     Node status monitoring

                                     Node  End User wwallet Access Load Balancing to Smart Contract Instances from the Public Internet

                            Citizen Distributed Private hosting: Virtual Linux VM Container Desktop, Server, LapTop using  Modified Hornet Node

                            Citizen Access:

                                     Private Devices

                                     Polling Stations

                            IOTA Specific Node Form Factors:

                                   Modified Hornet Node Hosting

                                             Polling Station Booths

                                   Modified PermaNode Hosting

                                            Roll-up Reporting Nodes

                    Non Operating:

             eVoting Requirements:

             IOTA Specific:

             SOCIETY2 Specific:

             OpenSource Specific:



Acceptance Plan Test Cases:  The Only way to Drive Development and Test Success to a Quality MVP

Now that we have Requirements, what do the Test Cases look like for each Requirements, the pass/fail metrics, which make up the Acceptance Plan?


Ok, now  we have an Acceptance Plan, Now we can Write up the Use Cases which Match those Test Cases

Primary Use Cases

Secondary Use Cases

Exception Use Cases



Software Architecture- Covering all the bases...

With the Use Cases in Place, we can now start to Detail the Software Architecture, first predicated on Technology choices which best meet the general requirements around RAASSPS 







Safety (Chain of Custody/Audit, )



Software Tools: How we work

Architectural Design : Archimate

Design Principles : TOGAF       

Programming Languages:

               Smart Contracts : IOTA Specific- WIP

      Software as a Service Template: MEAN Micro-Services Software Architecture

      Open Source Software Project Use:

               IOTA Specific- TANGLE both Bee and Hornet Nodes, SecureID

              SOCIETY2 Toolkit - its WIP, but SECRETS is out

              SOVRINTown "Special Sauce" : Milspec C2 Chain of Custody Data and Action Logging- Sherlock

              3rd Party- Non Domain Expertise which gets plugged in

       Cloud Service Specific:

               Maybe DO, Who Knows.. it's still early

                Definitely KVM, Containers with eith K or Docker Deployment using YAML and Terraform



Development  & Test Resourcing Roles:  Domain Expertise and Experience, Track Record- "The Hire"

           Solutions Architect

           Software Architect

           Service Architect

           Senior Developer


           Senior Test Engineer

                Test Engineers

                 Test Certification Services

                         Data Integrity/Chain of Custody


                         Malicious Attack Immunity

                         eVoter Validation Integrity

                         Reporting Integrity

                         Communications Integrity 

              Documentation Writer/Manager

              Code Repository Manager



Design, Development and Test Methods and Processes     

            - Gucky  "Machinery" Stuff,  will cover it on another post someday


It's a journey, down a road well worth taking.

TK Over and Out   









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