Protecting Distributed Social Media 2.0 Revenue from the WAN Boogey Man : SOCIETY2+ IOTA & MORE
Protect your Content from the WAN BoogeyMan on Society2/IOTA operating on Cloudprox FSaaS WAN

Protecting Distributed Social Media 2.0 Revenue from the WAN Boogey Man : SOCIETY2+ IOTA & MORE


Distributed Social Media "Crypto Style" to your Content's  Rescue?


TK tip- CloudProx DSM Naming Contest below.

Post your name idea in the comments.

The Top 5 TK picks earn 25 BAT from TK personally by end of  August 31st, 2020.  The Top Pick, if your idea is selected to name the new service,  will receive a 100 BAT reward to be announced on Oct 10, 2020 and will receive free Premium access for life to the Cloudprox built service on Society2/IOTA, the other Top 4 finalists, will get use of the Cloudprox built  Premium FSaaS WAN Service built 'under neath'  of  Cloudprox & partners distributed hosted Society2/IOTA Nodes for free, for a full 1 year, once the service boots up into to Minimum Commercial Production mode, which Cloudprox expects to be available around June 5th, 2021 thru at least one of our colo Partners in North America.

This post covers what is being worked on (by TK and others at CloudProx and Society2 in parallel) to really improve Content Data Flow & Storage Security for  Distributed Social Media "DSM".

Society2/IOTA users will soon be protected  for free as part of a "Cloudprox Powered" Colo Partner Network service offer in 2021.

Those who can optionally pay for a 'heightened' level of HA & QoS for  Fast Content File Storage and Streaming on top of the base security planned for with the NEW DSM Blockchain Security being developed by Society2/IOTA,  the QoS & HA option (over multiple providers)  can do so.

The optional premium upgrade is enabled with a Secure QoS Fast Storage WAN  "Freemium" Service 'Twist', a new fast storage high availability, user selected and and managed WAN content path capability over the Colo/DC Partner utilized Provider fixed WAN paths, a content user feature being designed & developed by Cloudprox to fit 'underneath' the emerging Society2/IOTA Distributed Social Media Node Build which is connected to and using IOTA's   ternary encrypted communication Streams & MAMS channels as well as it's IOTA cryptocurrency to enable all aspects of their Distributed Social Media commerce planned capabilities.

Why do all of the above?

First Generation Cryptocurrency based Storage as a Service: Real Content Creator & Provider Value is M-I-A. 

Let's face it, the First Generation Secure Storage on blockchain have not attracted much actual use, which is what motivates us at Cloudprox to seize the "market value void' opportunity and at the same time,  stop the WAN Boogey Man to: both protect your content flows over the Internet (from getting cracked, compromised and used to exploit critical systems infrastructure in your own locale) as well as; keep your content from getting 'Cancelled' and/or 'Shadow Banned' while  protecting your social media income generating  'content revenue streams'.  

TK Tech Note: These 1st Gen Crypto Storage Services have been measured by the market and found wanting (didn't get the mass use they thought they would)  for Many reasons, to which I will not cover in this post. (I have added Crypto storage project links below so you can see which Crypto Storage Plays I am talking about,).

Cloudprox has built and market proofed an "under the file system"  fast storage service software component which can be added under any Linux supported File System which utilizes a patented SSD Fast read/write method speeding content file reads and writes to a specialized format on the SSD  Media, to get  CloudProx TurboStorage Application Performance Optimization 'acceleration' within 3-5% of the actual SSD Media write and read speed. (based on industry standard random write/read 4K content flow patterns used to measure IOPs or GBytes/sec performance of the storage) 

It's important to note, today, all leading fast storage vendors are only operating at 8% to 15% of that SSD Media read/write speed potential with really poor durability ( which wear out in about 4-5 months for DC quality SSDs in a 50% read/50%random read/write patter which is the standard for measuring IOPs and GB/sec in the industry, storage performance which is monumentally bad, mainly because these vendors use old spinning disk (HDD) read/write logic to write to SSD Media which is completely different. Duh, go figure.

So  this "lack of storage write speed and durability of SSD Media"  among existing, leading storage vendors  is Cloudprox's huge opportunity, cuz our  Application Performance Optimization  (Fast content writes and fast content streaming @ scale)  is on average an order of magintude, much better. 

CloudProx Turbostorage is method enabled by individual Layer 5 session queued and concatenated Fast Storage Writes and Reads which are 9X to 30X faster (then all current storage vendors, using name brand low cost hardware under Linux Ubuntu)  and, the past three years of field deployments have proved the fact Cloudprox "Turbostorage" software  is also 9X to 20X more durable than these same vendors (using the same media hardware SSDs). The best part? CloudProx Turbostorage already works today and, has worked for the last 3 years in 12 small TB storage sized US market deployments, so it  reliable, safe and ready now to scale to PetaBytes of Storage as a service with SSD durability proven. :)


"WAN Boogey Man" Backgrounder

Are you just Content to be used by the WAN Boogey Man Matrix?

First a little background. You all need to know what the "clear and present danger" is, to the Social Media Content you create, store and publish which is flowing over the Internet to where ever your provider's BGPsec routing tables in their router/switches want to send it. (Bad, really bad, as you are not in control of your content in terms of where it goes, once it hits the Internet and, quiet frankly, neither is your provider of choice, totally in control of where your content flows. OUCH!) This IS the problem statement for Storage as a Service and, a BIG one at that, one which happens everyday.

The WAN Boogey Man: Hijacker of Data Flows, Canceller of Speech and Social Media Revenue

This Fungus  aint pretty, it's everywhere copying and snooping your content..

So exactly  who is the WAN Boogey Man? What form does that monstrosity typically take, and what does it do with your content?

Well who it is depends on your locale, it's safe to say the domestics are either white hats hacking for the local regime or black hats hacking for somebody else in the regime or for a foreign regime either locally or remotely. What 'they' do with your data is: crack it; look for patterns to help them access other systems which is their real target, like the power grid, etc and; use what they find to create mayhem of your social media platform cancelling your freedom of speech and right to earn online revenue, via arbitrary, one way means with no recourse. Very ugly, very sinister. 

LaunchBox Spy vs Spy App...

I will give an example most of us can appreciate. (We all use power and have suffered power blackouts and brownouts)

In order to secure the Power Grid, The Power Utility Operator needs to protect the power flows by ALSO protecting Power Grid data flows to store (Data plane) logs of messages received from various "IoT" devices controlling power switches, transformers, protect the control plane (make adjustments for safety and security, optimal performance via automated/interactive configuration as to how those IoT devices and the equipment attached to them behave,) and, protect the monitoring plane (observe the health of the grid, react to alarms as reported by those IoT devices, over a network often referred to as a SCADA Network by the Dougs.) The do that today with a VERY Expensive Private Network meshed between two or more big network providers.

Blackout? What Blackout? Impact of Blackouts ripple through the world, sort of

To be absolutely safe (so they think) Utility Operators commission the build, deploy and upgrade of  PRIVATE WAN data networks which are these days,  "overlay-ed" on top of Provider Physical Networks to protect your power grid, with data flows handled by the suite of Internet Protocols making up their private internet and set of intranets.

All good, right?

The BGPSec Attack Surface, Aging, prone to Hijacking, Daily.

Well not really, because the Internet Protocol, at least part of it, BGPsec a Layer 4 protocol operating over IP, is now almost 30 years old and has become an excellent "attack surface" for hackers (both foreign and domestic) to "hijack" data flows (called network shaping by the NSA) by sending Provider Networks (they run the IP networks over MPLS or SD-WANS for the utilities) bad routes once they get past the PKI certificate handshakes between BGP Routers (Typically a Cisco or Juniper Router, employed by the providers servicing the Utility Network).  Then nefarious elements foreign and domestic make the target BGPsec Router busy , so it automatically routes the data flows to the approved BGPsec router (which advertised the poison routes as legit)which it  thinks it trusts. (to get the data flow to the destination). After all, they shook on it , right? (PKI security handshake described i the context of BGP)

Once the above happens, its very easy for the Downstream BGP Router which advertised the route to the target(victim) BGPsec Router to redirect that stream wherever they want and/or "port mirror" the stream and send a copy of the stream to some storage site for later processing(cracking).

Get the picture? The power grid just got compromised, and nobody knows how it happened, Because the stream 'they' copied, gets dissected to find other attack "vectors" (password strings cracked and the like) into the Utility's own Monitoring & Control Systems to be exploited later, when they least expect it.

The Distributed Social Media Dilemma:  How did my Content data get  stored to and streamed from it's Distributed Storage 'Home'?

The High road May Look Rosey hosting Content on the Cloud, but what happens to your content on the way there?

And what happen to your content along the way (over various network provider paths) to its storage home?

Did your content get compromised ( re-directed or 'Network shaped' , then copied and later cracked) on the way there?

Well if it's IPFS you are using on Pinata or via the #Brave Browser Chromium #IPFS Plugin to make it easier to use, you will never know.

IPFS Intro circa 2016

You won't know at the  IPFS command prompt either.

Is the IPFS Encryption invincible and is the crypto communications channel over which your content flows also invincible?

Well it might have been about two years ago, if you are/were not a "person of interest" (a regime is watching), if you are such a person, well you need to go back about 5 years to be able to make that statement.

The reality is, today, right now,  #Quantum computers you know nothing about, are working 24*7*365 on decrypting cryptocurrency encryption schemes you think are safe, one person of interest (or company) at a time AND, getting the job done in about hmm, 15 to 25 minutes.

TheQuantum Chip from DWave in use by Google

Shocked! Don't Be. I am not a conspiracy theorist, simply a realist.

Now, you can choose to believe otherwise and,  be an "Ostrich" or, you can start thinking (researching), right now, about carefully selecting your next Distributed Social Media Platform beyond, #FB, #Instagram, #WhatsApp and #Twitter , to get to a safer #Cyberspace. 

Voting to Stay or to walk, its regime behavior dependent

Because 2021 will be the year many of us will switch to a much safer place in CyberSpace called #DSM.


Stopping the WAN Bogey Man- No More Data Flow Hijacking on Social Media.

Right now, today, this above subtitle is a pipe dream, but not for much longer in North America. (It's already working in parts of Europe) 

The tools and smart networking and storage brains needed to stop your Social Media traffic from being hijacked and copied (then later compromised via Quantum Computing Power #Hackers of the domestic and foreign variety) are out there working and, those brains are working with those tools and open source software to protect your social media streams on Blockchain by no later than 2021 @ scale. 

The existing DSMs aspiring to topple the incumbents all stand to benefit, they  just need a little help from real Storage and Network experts ( I am the latter, my  peer and colleague at Cloudprox is the former ) to get 'er done.

Be of good cheer and don't worry. One of the first blockchain based DSMs to emerge recently with a great privacy story is SOCIETY2 ON THE #IOTA #TANGLE

Let's take a look first, at the subscriber security value #Society2 is looking to offer in the DSM market segment.

(Later in the post will see how that new emerging security of your Social content can  also avoid the WAN Bogey Man Hijack.)


It's Coming as an MVP October 2020

Distributed Social Media on Distributed Public Permission-less PoS Ledgers- SOCIETY2/IOTA

Ben Royce and his team at Society2  are pragmatists and innovators using what works to create a DSM platform and Software Developer Kit  "SDK" to allow anyone in theory to build a better FB, Twitter or Instagram in DSM form with integrated crypto payment/settlement/rewards and permissioned privacy which keeps the subscriber in control always, of their content's security. All good, right?

Yup, the first Society2 Minimal Viable Product  "MVP", due out in October, will make use of IPFS to protect your data which IMO, is a great first step.

Will it work? Absolutely. Will it scale? Yes.

Can Society2 in the MVP form,  stop data flow hijacking and/or "network shaping"?


However, from the looks of early descriptions, the Society SDK will allow, together with IOTA's  future release of  "configurable" PermaNodes for the #TANGLE (IOTA's Distributed Public Permission-less Ledger based on #DAG),  smart storage and network developers to implement a  data flow hijack proof, secure #QoS , HA WAN  service between storage locations .

The trick will be how the subscriber can choose to use that service free and or upgrade to get performance guarantees they need as content providers to stream their content from their storage to their own followers. 


DSMs: The Need For  WAN & Storage Speed AND, Data Flow Hi-jack Protection 

Neetwork Shaping, part of the Boogey Man's Arsenal  used to Hijack  Data flows and your content

IPFS is a good start for Society2 and the right step forward to enable storage of pictures and videos they wish to share as content providers.

Heck when it comes out, I will use that instead of Pinata or the Brave IPFS plugin.

The challenge for Society2 is that of any startup, how do they get to a Commercially Viable Product  "CVP" after MVP?

Capturing Ad Revenue requires insert capability into the Posts and streaming IPTV and VOD OTT Infrastructure behind those inserts, and rewards system which goes beyond Brave BAT's current offering. It's a big challenge, and hte stumbling block for most all startups in the SM space. The list of SMs with under 5 Million users is quite long, none of them have really been the FB, Instagram and WhatsApp (its all the same company) challenger or Twitter "Toppler" they aspired to be, for many reasons.

Society2 offers the chance for these past SM efforts to revive their fortune in the rapidly emerging DSM segment, security included.

The missing ingredient is?: Security and QoS over the WAN between colo/DC locations where the Society2  mounted IOTA Permanodes are hosted, without data-flow hijacking, operating under border-bound regulations. It's a "tough act"  for a DSM startup to achieve, which most have not even contemplated.

But Won't IOTA's "Quantum Proof" Ternary ,  use  private key once/trow it away security model protect me from data-flow hijacking  (and copying of my content? While your data flows over the IOTA Streams protocol (data plane) on the Tangle (set up by IOTA MAMS as the control/monitoring) your cat pictures and family videos are safe, that is, until they are "written" to your folder (storage) which is, NOT protected by Society2 and IOTA.


Protect your DSM Content, earn IOTA :  The Future of Secure QoS DSM Storage over the WAN.

Go with the flow or Control your content data flows, that is your choice as content publisher

Ok this is where the smart network and storage developers come in, to "Crush" the WAN Boogey MAN's hi-jacking and copying aspirations aimed at any person of interest. 

Because Society2 is taking the MVP with SDK approach in their first release, they are encouraging innovation at the top and bottom of the MVP platform stack. (They take care of the middle wit h the MVP variant due out in October 2020)

It means our little Company, CloudProx Inc., in Hamilton, Ontario Canada can add a #freemium Secure WAN QoS Fast Storage as a Service option to Society2, which we intend to do sometime in 1H2021, when the code out there "settles" with a level of quality we can trust.


And Now for the Special Sauce: Fast Storage enable Application Performance Optimization

Secure QoS Highly Available Content  Storage Coming you way in 2021

CloudProx DSM: Help us out with our DSM "CloudProx "Powered by <<name>>" and Earn 25 BAT!

Help CloudProx dream up a  cool "DSM Name" for our future Distributed Social Media Service to be built using Society2/IOTA operating on CloudProx TurboStorage tech deployed by our Colo/DC Partners... think  "Powered by <<name>>"  :)

ETA for the CloudProx Powered SOCIETY2/IOTA DSM is First Half of 2021 via a CloudProx Micro or Big Colo Partner near you. 

Getting your content to store quickly and stream @ scale is always a challenge.


It's All About APOs "Application Performance Optimizations"

Sure you can always verify your Application Performance with Application Performance Management tools used by big corporations such as AppDynamics  or New Relic and they will show you how fast your file writes to local, DC or cloud storage are and how fast as well your reads (streaming) are from the locations. Will they tell you how secure and what data paths were used to support your content data flows? no. Will they tell you how secure they are? No.

Verified "Application Performance Optimizations" of your content data flows these tools can validate, but no one tells you how to speed your content data flow rights and reads, nor do they tell you how to secure the data paths or offer you an easy to use option to do so, under your social media platform of choice.


Cloudprox jacks existing performance and secures your content data paths as a Software add on to a Distributed Social Media platform Society2/IOTA coming your way  Oct 2020

Enter CloudProx "underneath" Society2/IOTA nodes hosted in North America and Europe distributed wide, secure micro & big colos

Yup, it's all about Accelerating Application Performance  by improving the biggest bottleneck, "Storage" , so you as th content creator and provider can be saving your content rapidly over the path and store you control and select and, then  rapidly present(stream) your content over a path secure set of multi provider paths offered by multiple micro and big colo locations for Free, Super Fast. (Best efforts Network speed and 10 Gigabytes of lightning Fast Storage Service, all for Free per subscriber, no Network Provider required).

Want more and need to add High Availability "HA" path switching between Colo/DC Providers over various Network Providers, at the packet level, with  guaranteed base and peak burst performance write and read guarantees?

Our Colo/DC Partners will be offering  exactly the above with  'QoS' Quality of Service base and peak network speed performance over the Provider Networks our Cloudprox Colo/Dc Partners use, with HA High Availability "Provider Network Diversity" as a subscriber self-service configured  'path' option eight dfom within the Scoiety2/IOTA DSM variant enabled by Cloudprox,  for a few dollars per month per Gbit/Sec AND,  premium "paid4" subscribers will be able rent ANY storage capacity which fits their monthly content distribution and storage needs, small or big  from a choice of select colo partners offer the service in North America and Europe.

Subscribers will be able to use the CloudProx SDM for free AND if the have the need for Secure WAN speed, mulitple locaions, and the right to select the route paths themselves,  optionally pay for bandwidth and storage speed guarantees with a CloudProx Service using Society2 & IOTA, with IOTA.

CloudProx will be ready to support any CSP Content Service Providers, small or big, looking to stream IPTV, VOD and OTT partners from our FSaaS WAN  locations peppered across North America and Europe to feed lots of CSP content to our subscribers everywhere  AND, also help to secure the power grid market segment as well (among others needing VPNs which actually stop data flow Hijacking)

To get started the CloudProx FSaaS WAN will be colo/DC and Provider diverse, located in North America (Canada & the USA) and Europe (D, F, UK)  with HA Switchover Between facilities big and small, and  network providers small and big. (And yes we will be Cloud Provider Diverse as well , if you want to point/aim your content storage at any of Dropbox, Pinata, Box, Google, Amazon, Azure as well as good 'ole IPFS through the Cloudprox DSM FSaaS WAN). Just keep in mind you need to also trust those storage end points too, and the path your content takes over the network to get there.. ;) 

So stay tuned. (First things first, let's figure out a name for the CloudProx DSM based on Society2/IOTA) 


We Threw out  out

What its name? Tell TK what CloudProx's new "power by <<name>>" DSM Name should be..  and earn some BAT now.

First, we need a decent name for this break-thru,  new Distributed Social Media Service built with Society2, IOTA and Cloudprox Turbostorage tech!

Send me your  CloudProx <<name>> ideas for our planned DSM release in 2021 in the comments section below  in this post and I will send my  Top 5 picks , 25 BAT each.  Again Think "Powered by <<name>>". Offer closes end of month then we pick the top 5 and make the payout.

Maybe just maybe, we use your "Powered by <<name>>" idea as the best one from one of the  TK Top 5 pics. :)

If we do, I, TK  will send that one lucky pick 100 BAT by October 10, 2020  ;)

Keep in mind CloudProx can 'software upgrade' the Application Performance Acceleration of Servers/Clusters and Nodes for ANY Social Media Platform out there and make their Service Provider Network choices "Path Secure without Data Flow Hijacking" , however we prefer to make it happen for Society2+IOTA first, because we believe in protecting your content from: data flow hijacking; cancel culture lack of ethics and; de-monetisation of your content Ad Revenue.  ;)

TK Over and Out!









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