" Go with The Flow" OR Secure your Crypto Sovereignty?: Stop Crypto Data Flow Hijacking: SCION Protocol
SCION Protocol to Protect Crypto Data Flows between Providers

" Go with The Flow" OR Secure your Crypto Sovereignty?: Stop Crypto Data Flow Hijacking: SCION Protocol

Yup, 'Data Flow' and, by default 'Crypto Data Flow' Hijacking is a reality and, it happens daily.

It's likely, a Copy of Your Data, including your crypto "special parts", ends up in some 'evil' regime storage 25% of the time, daily. 

Yes, your copied data is stored elsewhere, ready to be hacked by Quantum computing, or hacked by a giant HPC "High Performance Computing" Array of 64,000 64bit Computing Cores each with 8 GBytes of RAM, working away to crack (a copy of) your crypto seed and password codes. 

Science Fiction? Lol! Your data is copied data daily...

A Science Fiction Story?: Your Crypto Data Copied Every Day?

Well you can convince yourself it might just be a Science Fiction Story. My suggestion is  you find a near by mirror and, have a discussion with yourself about it, until you convince yourself with the facts below, otherwise.  :)

TK Alarm: This post is a Call to Action to All Crypto Developers to Secure their project data flows AND for investors large and small to get on their case to do so, ASAP. This post is long, so if you are out a time, move on, its a good weekend read.)

How to Fix this Data Flow Theft?

With A 'Reboot' of the Entire Internet Structure..,"End 2 End".

In a near perfect crypto world, such a reboot will effectively implement Internet 2.0 Inter-Domain Routing of Traffic flows under your own control with your Qos "Quality of Service", regardless of where your data flows (even across multiple providers).

In the crypto dev world, we need to act now to implement this capability. 

The Clear and Present Danger? A Not so nice regime will do it for you...

Why?  because there is a "Clear and Present Danger" (very soon) to have the next 'uber' regime hit the "KILL SWITCH" and reboot Internet 2.0 in their own image during the next Economic Reset, where 'they' control all Data flows. crypto included. (and they are armed with the biggest, nastiest, computers on the face of the planet"

The best part about this RESET?

It's easily done today, by your crypto project on their investor's behalf, as there are no tech barriers, just political and vested interest ones. 

And the RESET can be implemented by any crypto project , using open source that works today.

The Special Sauce? "Open Source to the Rescue" (After 11 Years and 80 People working on it.)


Via an Open Source Software "insert" of new Border Routing capabilities , which operates 'in parallel', with existing Routers, where such new "BR"s   re-use/re-purpose the existing internet AS "Autonomous Systems as " ISDs" Isolated Domains, adding some nifty management to create/change safe paths, complete with QoS "Quality of Service",  across multiple different providers, automatically, including route switching, for ALL your crypto project data traffic streams. It's called #SCION Protocol, built with Swiss Quality. (more on this later)

Do you guys really know what you are doing?

The Current Crypto "DataFlow" Conundrum:

"Forgive them, FOR, they know not what they don't know" ;)

Today, crypto projects launch a network of nodes everywhere pretty frequently and, declare 'victory'. 

Why?.  Well it's safe to say most of these crypto projects are largely driven by their global quest to offer up a new secure money supply,  essentially delivering a new secure method of transacting

These new crypto projects help any investor place their earned, inherited or speculated gains made in fiat or crypto, by placing that value  into a "hard store of value", which means this crypto store of value is not robbing you of your buying power every day, a la FIAT money.(Where the fiat money printing machines are going full blast these days, everywhere.)

Yes, your selected crypto "store of value" may be volatile AND, subject to the perceived invest(market) scrutiny of the 'utility' (value add) of the crypto project, so be careful. Not all crypto projects add real sustainable value, so do your home work.

OK, the crypto project is launched, a community is behind it and there is added value, Voila! Victory is declared. Until there is a hack...

Well, any crypto project, aside from those kept inside the confines of single carrier "End2nd" secure 'MPLS' paths provided by a single provider (like JP Morgan Coin private Network for internal settlement) is dreaming if they really think their traffic streams for settlement activity and communications are secure out there in Internet 1.0 land.

Otherwise expect those "data flows" between crypto network nodes to be copied, daily, for later "off-line" processing ( forensics and Hacking).

Don't be a Quagmire crypto project and get Hijacked

DAILY BGPSec Hijacking: "What do you mean, traffic stream goes through 'that' place?"

Here is how the "Hijacking" of your data flows starts:

One false advertisement to a BGPSec Router can see that Router receiving the false advertisement  duped into  accepting the advertisement is valid, causing said BGPsec Router to send data streams  to the false advertiser BGPSec Router, that is, they list a lot of "attractive" routes that 'duped' router will want to use to re-direct data streams, given certain load conditions, after first analysing that routers behavior remotely.  Such  load conditions manifest in the "duped" BGPSec router  when it gets busy and/or other routes drop for various reasons, so decides to send the streams to the BGPSec Router initating the false advertisement in the first place. Dirty Deed Complete!

Away goes that data stream or flow, as it enters into the 'clutches' of an "evil' regime (or one you just don't like, for many reasons), to be COPIED, stored and processed (hacked) later, by REALLY LARGE HACKING SYSTEMS, for various reasons. (Theft, Service Disruption, poisoning and re-insertion, let me count the ways...)

The 100th Planet REBOOT, or back to 1990 Reloaded?

Data Flow Hijacking is A BIG Crypto Community Wake Up Call AND, BGPSec is the unknowing, 30 yr old Culprit

Look, in principle the 'world Kumbuya practice' of "everyone gets access" to your crypto project is a noble thought,

In practical terms however, your crypto project might as well be a Dodo Bird on "Ice Age". (soon to be extinct..)


Evil exists out there AND, that 'evil' will violate your privacy by violating your data sovereignty via data flow hijacking, to steal your wealth.

Its that simple.

Do we want a 1990 Reload "RESET" of the current "Matrix"  and, watch "the can get kicked down the road" for the next 10 or 12 years of more of the same


will we, as the crypto community collective, leap into a more secure future to finally secure our personal and business sovereignty?

Dodos weren't that dumb, neither are most crypto projects..

Be a "DataFlow Dodo"  OR    Investors in a Smart Crypto Project with 'HiJack Secure' Data Flows? Your choice is clear..

Sorry to say this but, like the Dodo Birds of Ice Age fame, most investors of crypto projects seem to be oblivious to the fact the world has changed, a lot, lately.

Data Traffic Hijacking is one of the single biggest and easiest ways to get at streamed data, compromise it and the privacy and sovereignty the sender thought they may have had, which in fact they never really had.

There is exists today in the crypto world an extraordinary form of technical naivete regarding the "true" security capabilities of their invested  crypto projects, a state investors can ill afford to continue on in, these days.

As an Investor, big or small, in crypto, ask yourself this simple question:

Are you  truly in control of your "store of value" today within that crypto project?

IF the crypto project has not addressed Traffic Hijacking directly, then the answer is , resoundingly, NO.

Will someone else soon be in control of your "store of value"?

Well if the KILL SWITCH reset of the Internet gets hit (maybe as early as this year by factions within the US Govt?), before investors and their favourite crypto project secure those data flows from such a RESET, then,

you might just become a re-purposed  knave of the US military complex, if they flip the switch before you can.

Get in the boat and row...

Which means, which crypto project should I really be working with, which is implementing or at least aware of the SCION Protocol?

Right now, I can't help you there, as from what I can tell with my limited survey coverage, none of the Top 100 are even SCION Protocol Aware. (So if anyone knows of a SCION protocol aware project , please let me know.)

An oldie but goodie

SCION Protocol OR, something dark and scary from the US Military complex...

In fact, The KILL SWITCH actually exists. Especially if you believe in Qanon messaging, they (the 'good' part of the US military complex) have an 'old Internet' "KILL Switch" ready to go (Where there is smoke there is fire..), once the "good ones" are allowed on to their New "Internet 2.0" (so 'they' can leave the mainstream media behind, and anyone or thing 'they' don't like, like crypto projects they can't hack).. 

Sounds far fetched, I know, however the "KILL SWITCH" technology to do exactly that, exists today in the open source world AND, I will share this with you later in the post, because for the rest of us, there is a well Researched and recently "battle tested" alternative to the Internet  "KILL SWITCH" Described... by SCION and their commercial early incarnation called #AnaPaya

Popular Sovereignty: Today's Reality

Oh that Sovereignty 'thing' you are always taking about.. What's That?

Ok to get this post back on track, let's go back to you the private investor, and those working on crypto projects.

How about we start with a short list of the Top 5 Sovereignty "Hot Buttons" to start,  as in our world, it is all about being a Sovereign Individual (We will get to the Sovereign Land stuff later in the post)

- Personal Privacy (With out this, you will be compromised, your data sold, exposed, changed, even your Identity stolen)

- Personal Items of Worth (Preserve/Grow their value)

- Your Vote Counts (and isn't diluted by Ballot Stuffing)

- Your in-alienable Rights as granted by the land you live in (Mileage varies per regime we 'slave' under) 

- Your Right to Free Speech on Social Media  ( part of the last one, currently treated differently everywhere, given the global reach thing)

All of the above, most anyone would agree and vehemently argue they are mandatory in a 'Free' Society.

I'll focus on just  the first two for now, to show you how none of us, in this age of the "Web" (and it is a bit 'Wyrd', but I digress, again) really have any Sovereignty of the Personal Variety, to speak of, let alone 'crow' about .

'Crow' they do  often, in the "Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free" which is ironically one of the least free places in the western world these days, recognized and suffered, even protested as such by a few,  while internalized as "normal' freedoms by the many.

Now I am not picking on my nice neighbors south of the 49th. In fact I hope some of them actually read this and take the post to heart and start doing something about it, especially those in the IT/Networking field.

Slane's Privacy Cartoon Sampler  from Kiwiland NZ

- Personal Privacy -

Lol. You don't have any, even behind the Brave Browser, and here is why.

"Wholesale Internet Traffic Re-Direction(re-routing of IP packets) when the Border Gateway Routers (BGPsec to be precise) are at capacity because they have lost a routing path and the buffers fill up fast so they set up another 'advertised' route which they think is honest (its often not) and start streaming that traffic to the newly advertised 'route' operated by what appears to be an honest "BGPSec" node.

Highway to Hell Cinapse Review

The Hijack to Hell:

Your Data, Going, Going, Copied, Delayed,  Arrives seemingly secure, yet in fact, is totally Compromised

Without you knowing it ever happened. 

When that 're-routing" of your secured data happens (as it did to Zoom traffic a few weeks ago), it can really hurt a businesses image and business profitability FAST.(Businesses, like ZOOM, can expect to lose subscribers and revenue fast), especially when the traffic is copied, stored to large fast storage, then examined and cracked by local computers, or simply discarded (like the mailman that does not deliver the mail on Seinfeld regularly (choosing to store it forever somewhere), good ole "Newman!" )

Now knowing what you do, you have questions, like:

"How can that  "Hijacking" of  Internet traffic flows, between Providers or Different Data Centres and Services,  happen, to put my personal privacy in peril?

What the hell to I pay my Internet Provider for anyway if its not to at least protect my privacy?"

Good Questions, both of them, for which your current providers (all of them,) have no really good answer (Except in CH,  more on this later  )

Well the Internet, specifically the Border Gateway Protocol, the current version is BGPsec, is, well, not very secure AND, has no real notion of regulatory boundaries, which most 'feel' are enforced by the federal or state political regime (When in fact they ALL have no idea how to do any of that, between different providers, so they give just one provider the job to "nail up" routes securely using one vendor product, creating one set of attack surfaces for hackers to pick away at, with big honking Computing resources financed by the hacking regime).

Basically you as an individual consumer are far more compromised than any business or government (some of which, the big ones, can afford to pay for 'nailed up" routes (usually MPLS based) ), which means your 'personal' traffic and those of your compatriots, is compromised daily, regardless of the country in which you live and the providers you utilize

Who will it be? Does it matter? copyright 2012 creators.com

But Crypto will Protect me and my data, my hard store of value, my wallet, doesn't it? LOL!

Can Crypto make it tougher to crack into your data? Absolutely.

Is it impossible to crack crypto-proofed data. Nope, especially easy to crack if, a copy exists in regime far far away, bent on getting to 'know" you.

Given the "Crackers" have a copy of your data (which means a copy forever), and they have enough time, manpower and computing Horsepower (Quantum Computing run by Regimes who can print endless supplies of money to pay the power bill and people operating them, til they crack your data, where the biggest of Regimes are in Asia and North America, bent of cracking each other)

Time to take ownership of your Data Flows?

Bottom line? Today, We are ALL Screwed, Daily, in the crypto world, we just don't know it.

If the data crosses the border into an unfriendly regime through re-routing of the entire stream, well you are effectively screwed. Now on to the second Sovereignty item on the above list:

The Monster from Jekyll Island GA, it's day is soon over?

- Personal Items of Worth-

Your Hard Stores of Value, stay that way inside the borders of a regime you trust (not to hack, crack your data)

Now here is a thought.

Knowing what you know NOW, if all your data has been compromised, at one time or another, lately, ask yourslef as an investor, IF, your "money' is "really" safe?

Well if your crypto passwords are floating around in email (or on your hard disk), your crypto "store of value" is not safe.

If 'they' know your email address or from whence your crypto wallet transfer came, 'they' can find out where you live and, hack you remotely to get at your password files, make a copy, work on them as many times as they like with hacking code and, find your password, then  remote in at night or when you are at work and left the computer on and, access as well as drain your fiat account , quite easily, even operating your wallet directly.

It's Identity  and password theft, a federal felony in the USA, and its happening all the time.

Ask yourself do you know of anyone that this has happened to? In my case I know at least three people in the past two years. I would be willing to bet at least 25% of the reads of this post know of some case to which they have first degree contact.

Now crypto can be a bit tougher to hack as above,in the case of those  of you who have smartly "Air Gapped" their crypto Seeds and passwords, I salute you. To those who have not, prepare for the fate above, by changing to an air gap model.

SpongeBob SquarePants in the GrooveWe all want to live here?

Now The Billion Dollar Question: Do you really live in a Safe Regime"?

Which honours your personal privacy as listed above.? I doubt it, very much.

So what are you going to do about it. Look the other way and play the Ukulele or bug your favourite crypto project to get going?

After all its "not what your regime can do for you, it's what you can do for the regime", right?

NOT. Absolutely not.

This is a question only you can answer, AND really, it's up to us to take action and bug our favourite crypto project to do something (send them the link to SCION Protocol, ask them if they will work with it, promote it, etc...)

Reload the Existing Matrix or..Start Multiple Crypto Revolutions?

  The FIX:          Internet RELOADED (By someone else) or MULTIPLE REVOLUTIONS (By you and your crypto project with SCION)?

Frankly, the KILL SWITCH OPTION to RELOAD and run under another regime, which is centrally controlled is just not an option, imo.

What is in front of the crypto community, RIGHT NOW,  is the once in a life time chance,  to Revolutionize Sovereignty at the Personal level, ground up through business and, then through governments, where the latter serves the people, and not themselves and their crony capitalist masters. 

Controlling where your data flows, how fast and, how secure, at the personal level and, then business level, is THE building block of that revolution AND, this does not necessarily mean ensuring your data flows conform to the boundaries or "borders" set by the political ruling classes of today, which have served themselves while serving their masters, at the expense of everyone else. 

Get the Book, do a deep dive circa 2017 click the cover to download the book circa 2017 438 page read..

Enable your own Personal Sovereignty, With an honest vote, or  vote "with your feet" if that doesn't work..

   The Swiss "CH" effect, sort of, at least at the local level, another approach, now proven.

First let me say, I am fan of the people of CH at the Kanton level and, their approach to populist democracy at the 'county' level. 

I lived through that effect for seven years of my life in CH, being amazed, daily, at how 'tuned in' the local populace was to the local issues at hand, with lots of ideas of what to do about it.

Citizen CH votes regularly to keep the local economy and community in most counties in good shape and, relative to other places I know and have lived in,  CH, the last time I looked, was doing relatively better, every year, than most every other place on the planet. Until lately.

The thing to do is for your own personal Sovereignty, is think like the local Swiss at the local level.

That is, get educated about your money and how it is handled and, where your data goes, at least in country. Is your provider a Multi-national (prone to re-routing traffic cross border, most National providers fit in this category) or a local provider who keeps your  local data local, every time you send to a local destination address.

Incoming , Now what are you going to do?

Duck,Incoming Crap.... from International locales. Just where has your crypto data been, anyway?

No amount of OS vendor updates will protect you from bad incoming data, what with background loading tasks and evil cookies collecting your info,. BRAVE browser does indeed  help out in this respect.

Generally crypto lives in a parallel world unaffected , except for the password and seed phrases, which are making the hardware wallet offer look pretty good these days.

Enter the Swiss and surrounding foreign  "Auslander" contributors at ETH CH

TK Tip - (located in "CH" Confederation Helvetica = Switzerland, now you know.. :) ) 

Now the first projects using SCION in CH are clearly focused on protecting the incumbent vested fiat denominated interests and preserving existing borders and say, good luck with that.

The good news is , anyone can grab SCION Protocol tech as open source and do with it as they like, including all crypto projects

Is he right, or can some crypto projects leap to the next level, with SCIONJason Calcanis, Uber & Crypto Investor, Is he right? Maybe..,

"Unqualified Idiots’ Run Majority of Projects in Crypto"


Calling All Crypto Projects: Integrate SCION Protocol ASAP and get real.

SCION Protocol to the Rescue of your Data and Crypto, generally.

Per the earlier part of the post, yes a regime  Today, right now, could build a new Internet 2.0 with SCION co-existing with existing Internet 1.0 while gently re-routing old paths into new SCION Fabric via SCION connections connected to SCION Border Routers "BR".

Or the current regime could do create Internet 2.0 with similar tech to SCION Protocol.

Imagine a world where your data only flows back and forth among friendly regimes with no chance anyone in the regime copying and cracking your data and or stealing your passwords and Seeds to your crypto "stores of value". Plus the data paths you select work every time, with the speed you pay for, even if the  data destination means your data being sent crosses those Border Routers into new provider networks running SCION Fabric or in your country or other countries.

Slap me, this can't be so.

Well it is 'so' and, the adoption of the SCION protocol, while in its early stages of release, has been modest, the rate of adoption is picking up fast, driven by business and governments wanting to re-secure their currently badly compromised communications sovereignty, which in fact protects your financial sovereignty these days as well as the sovereignty of the Power Grid, and by default that of emerging Smart Cities as promoted by IoT crypto  leader #IOTA.

If they Are intersted in Your Project, then you need to be interested in SCION

SCION  to the rescue for the consumer, small investor & Business? Sooner Rather than Later, via Smart Contracts & SCION?

Think Federal Express, Crypto Style. It only a matter of time when someone offers secure path transfers via a Dapp. Expect #CARDANO, #TRON, #IOTA  and possibly #CHAINLINK and #COSMOS to add this type of plugin feature to their well defined modular architectures. In fact any of the cryptos  of most types can adopt SCION with a bit of thinking and some diligence, design, coding and testing time.

Best of all SCION is open source, so easy to certify secure as a "white box" chunk code in any organization or Enterprise. Need an improvement not there? join the community and build one yourself, just expect scrutiny from all corners of the SCION growing community.


So What's the delay? Why not SCION today, Everywhere?:

Nailed UP MPLS Secure Paths with One Provider orSCION Protocol Secure paths w/ QoS and Multi Provider using AnaPaya

The 'Status Quo' Persists Among Providers, Sticking with profitable nailed up routes "a la MPLS", vs SCION Multi Provider

Multi Protocol Layer Switching "MPLS" , laid over STUN or TN Secure  tunneling of IP over IP , is the soup de jour of ALL providers, it holds their customer captive and its very profitable and secure, living in side of one provider and riding on one set of network equipment supporting the MPLS standard fully (usually just 2 or 3 big vendors like Cisco, Juniper and maybe one other wannabe in the WAN space...) 

Crypto Node Networks Today run over MPLS if they truly want security, think Ripple, which is most everywhere. MPLS is expensive to deploy, change, maintain and monitor, especially across borders, which translates into expensive transaction fees, especially expensive Internationally. Ripple may be fast and secure but it aint cheap. JP Morgan Coin maybe secure, but 'aint' cheap and does not inter-operate with anything.

LIBRA threatens every fiat regimes Money Supply Management Model.... Want to keep it out of yours, good luck, not possible today, unless your regime opts in to the SCION Fabric...



SCION protocol is a really important and relevant now, so spread the word, its not exclusive to government or providers, any colo or DC can run an instance in a container on a virtual machine and get connected to existing SCION Fabric in Central Europe today.

Its only a matter of time for SCION Protocol will become common place, aligned first long existing borders governed by existing regulations.

Is that what the community of crypto projects really wants? I think not.

If your crypto project wants or needs SCION now,  I expect your next call will be to anapaya.com in CH to get your hands on a commercial implementation of SCION protocol and SCION Fabric which actually works today .

The Crypto Market segment projects where this could be most relevant are the Inter-blockchain Routing projects , where in my opinion COSMOS might be the one to first convince their community they need to get SCION.  (Chainlink, being in CN, I am not so sure..)

Be Safe out there, and get your  crypto network node data flows secured ASAP.

(or someone you may not like will do it for you and you will back to rowing the boat, or 10 years or more, doing the same old, same old)

TK over and Out..












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