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KULTUR TKO #003: Limited Execution of AI under Smartcontract secured Human control - LEASH

LEASH in long form is a mouthful per the title above.

Whether it be putting a Human controlled LEASH on AI because a regulatory body  says you must, or because you are simply a principled human being or organization designing AI,  creating an AI LEASH using SmartContracts equipped with their own multi-sig crypto wallets is certainly doable with today's crypto tech.

Heck recording every #AI Powered trader's move on a Distributed Public Ledger is likely where prinicipled, well grounded Humanity should be going, don't you think, but will we ever get there in the crypto world?

LEASH as a concept is pretty easy to understand in the context of reigning in Free Range AI, 

as LEASH is a simple solution backing up the answer NO to the simple question: Shall AI be in control of Humans?

In this #003 Issue of KULTUR TKOs "Thundebolt Kid Observations" we take a peak 'under the hood" at our approach to putting 'AI on a LEASH' for the benefit of humans, controlled by humans(with multi-party sign-off).

OTS 'Off the Shelf'  Open Source Crypto Tech builds the AI LEASH

There are lots of good crypto tech solutions to choose from when building your AI LEASH, mix and match as you like, it's not rocket science, but there are a lot of moving parts needed to properly secure AI with the LEASH you build.

A few things to consider when building your AI LEASH:

- principled decision making in favour of humanity built into the rule sets controlling AI, to ensure your LEASH reflects the soul of humanity

- regulatory reporting requirements affecting the use of AI in your locale: ie the EU is placing restrictions on AI?

- the bounds you wish to create governing the scope of your AI Operation- no Free Range AI allowed, however for efficient use of resources you want your AI to focus on work you want done, which is why you need an AI LEASH.

- To Build your AI LEASH pick open source , easy to license crypto tech which works by the time you release your AI driven Application, properly LEASHed as a MVS 'Minimal Viable Service':

TKs 'ALL-in-One' initial choices below, given our AI Application properly LEASHed won't be ready until early 2022,

Your crypto tech choices will certainly differ from mine (see below) and likely be mixed if you live in the double entry accounting world of ERC20, that said there is nothing stopping you from building your own  AI LEASH.

       - Shipping #SmartContract Tech - #IOTA #WASP  & #BEE Node Capabilities in the same nodes

       - Shipping Quantum Computer Hack Proof Security- IOTA plus #T-PKI (Ternary-Public Key Infrastructure)

       - Shipping scalable, low energy consumption distributed ledger tech - IOTA deployed as private fork

       - Shipping Human Identity Protection- IOTA #Selv forked and modified

       - Secured Smart Network Adaptors connected to Compute and Storage Nodes, running #T-PKI

       -Secured T-PKI Container deployment of Applications not accessible to the AI Engine, only deployable by AI

What an AI LEASH might look like using the above mix of crypto tech?


Yeah there are many moving parts in the picture above, the largest yellow box is the AI Brain.

This particular AI #LEASH created by moi, allows anyone to rent Fast Storage as a Service from a Colocation " #Colo " Facility Operator looking to rent their IDLE compute, network and storage capacity at prevalent market rates to anyone wanting to run workloads 50% cheaper than on the Big Three Cloud platforms. (We do it 5X faster as well in terms of dollars pest per IOP applied). 

The Big green box on the right is the Colo Operator Facility with Equipment. Every object presented in this Archimate 3.0 diagram representation that surrounds the Large Yellow box, also in yellow, is effectively what's needed to create the AI LEASH in this use case of Fast Storage as a Service, paid for in crypto with a Pay4use only business model.

So you can see we have work to do, lots of it, to put a LEASH on our own AI powered Fast Storage as a Service Application, controlled by principled, well grounded humans who care about other humans in a good way (always fair, best market pricing at the time of Fast Storage Service rental, NO AI assisted renter rip-offs allowed).  In this 'use case' example above,  the human control of AI is implemented using Multi-sig Wallets and Service SmartContracts,  with some  additional layers of security using T-PKI and some unique extensions,  to be quantum computer hack proof.

So get a grip on your AI by putting a LEASH on it, or you will soon find yourself tagged like cattle and restricted in the same manner, with AI in complete control of your every move. (The same way pump & dump works in the crypto markets today)

TK over and out




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