Cryptocurrency Money Sovereignty: By the People for the People
Separation of State From Money Cryptocurrency Style.

Cryptocurrency Money Sovereignty: By the People for the People

The State having complete control over monetary policy or  Separating the State from Money

What 'They' do for their Buddies...What Happened to By the People For the People? Govt of (vs. org. 'by' the People)

(print as much as they want and, give it to who ever they want, to effect some end)

TK Tip: please read my earlier posts on Network shaping in the links below to get the complete picture, this is a Deeper Crypto Investor Dive. 

Why would we want this Separation of State from Money? 

Well, ask yourself a few basic questions:

1. Is Your Government (at any level for any service, the vote) Transparent? Trusted? Fair?

2. Is your Government supporting Business Markets driven by Trusted Price Discovery for Products & Services?

3. Does your Government work for you or themselves?

A "No" answer to any of the above means your personal sovereignty is mere fantasy, especially as it applies to money and your ability to secure your earned or speculative gains from the buying power erosion foisted on you by the govt through their printing of large amounts of currency based on NO Wealth Creation, which summarily and daily handed out much like a "beauty contest" assignment  of awards to those closest to the money (Big Banks, and Big Buddies of the State)

Please do a (QWANT) search on "Cryptocurrency Sovereignty"

To understand the true power of state sanctioned crony capitalism. Yup top of page SEO AI optimized "milspec style" 

"first fold" line item which will pop on your browser is: AND STATE SOVEREIGNTY : Frebowitz, Ryan L ...

Since Bitcoin’s release in late 2008, the cryptocurrency has grown and proven itself as a disruptive technology, resistant to sovereign law and international financial regulations, and an alternative to the sovereign state’s concept of fiat money.

In the name of What? Why? How, When? Where and How?

Funny thing is, it all sounds great to most crypto aware voters, until you dig into the 'paper' to really understand the intent of the authors, which most certainly exposes the 'rationale' of their sponsors, which is to trash, ie- not trust cryptocurrencies. 

Suffice it to say, the 'paper' is The Big Govt Attack Dog Article Circa 2018, with all the FUD missiles launched...aimed at "citizen you"..,

They like us Better, their way. Baaaaaaaaaa!

For the benefit of the powers that be,  ( listed in the abbreviation section at the front of the document link), to ensure the continued destruction of your buying power and, maintain the status quo and even grow a greater divide between the "haves" and "have nots".

The 'hilarious' part of this 2018 article (Still relevant today), created  by some 'sock puppet' Naval Post Graduate School "political wonks" in the US, is their 'paper' really spells out all the reasons "citizen you",  seeking protection from erosion of your buying power, should WANT to separate the STATE from Money. 

It's up to the cryptocurrency communities to collectively pull together over secure 'sovereign' VPNs under the control of the node operators from the colo,

that is, to stop your State's manipulation of the size, ebbs and flows of the fiat money supply, per your local currency (A FIAT, promise to pay note) and, replace that  fiat money supply with multiple cryptocurrency money supplies, safely networked separately from the fiat systems, protected from government intrusion to put your government back into its original role, a government elected by the people  to serve the people, not a government of the people, with a bunch of lower level 'royal'  Esq. "Esquire" types running the legislative branch of the government making sure the laws serve them and their masters(political socket puppet leaders and their small collective  of very large bankers)  and not "citizen you".  

If you like, what this post is proposing here is:

Money created "by the people for the people", without state or big bank involvement and money creation rights.

The practical reality of "citizen you" taking such a step, incrementally, is simple. Start by executing a few of your daily transactions in cryptocurrencies, ones with a well protected  and widely distributed network of nodes, proven to work the past few years with good retail and services networks accepting crypto as payment. Such a step is really a first HUGE step away from the current state supported neo-feudalistic, govt. supported crony capitalist world we live in, which consists of a few winners, right at the top and, everyone else is a loser, me and you included at the bottom of the barrel.

If the last three years has proven anything in the cryptocurrency markets , it's that "we the people", can get along just fine without the state, its favourite crony capitalists and political sock puppets when it comes to handling a few of our daily transactions for the purchases of goods and services.

The  "pendulum" has started to swing "the other way", in the favor of "citizen you", post virus scamdemic market crash, March 12th, 2020.

It's up to the "citizen us" collective to step up and do our part. Make the effort to process a daily transaction using cryptocurrencies.

The proof is out there and, the use of quality, value add cryptocurrency as a daily means of settlement is growing fast, if you are reader at Punlish0x you already know that.

Where cryptocurrencies with real added value are concerned, we can use 'crypto' for settlement now and, can prosper immensely over the short, medium and long term, when cryptocurrencies are used to settle daily transactions for goods and services between multiple parties (no banks or governments in the middle).

Cryptocurrencies become especially  useful beyond "just the store of value", the major proposition held high by the BTC maximalists and it must be said, the important bedrock feature of the entire cryptocurrency market which underpins about 57% of the current entire market cap of cryptocurrency now standing today at 

The CryptoMarket Collective Success circa 22 Aug 2020 on CoinGecko


Run a Node, Be Free, But Run that Node where? How About Everywhere over an OF-VPN?


Securing Cryptocurrency Sovereignty for the Long Term: "Virtual CryptoCurrency Network Fencing"

 Building a Network of Nodes running a cryptocurrency driven distributed public permissioned or permissionless distributed public ledger is actually easier than some might think.

The governments and banks of today do that with Private Networking, which run separately from the Internet, on which all cryptocurrency networks run today.

For example it is publicly well known, JP Morgan runs their own internal fast settlement network between JP Morgan customers using cryptocurrency technology of the same name. Its highly centralized private and totally in their control mapped over a Private Network they lease and have others operate, which uses the IP protocol in a private network form. Others , such as BIS "Bank of International Settlements, Competitive Nation States and their Central Bank Counterparts and their cadre of "first to the overnight window" buy debt short and sell loans long, Big and Medium Sized commercial banks are all seeking to do the same.

Is your regime playing by the

Building a Virtual Cryptocurrency Network Fence, using SCION enabled OF-VPNs,  which separates the cryptonetwork of nodes handling mining, settlement, consensus elements from prying eyes, is possible with a few subtle changes, the first one is control your data flows at the sources and destinations of your nodes'  settlement, consensus, messaging traffic with New Border Routers which support High Availability, Quality of Service and node manager control of path selection riding across the coloured light spectrum of CDWM and DWDM fiber transport systems between the colos which host your nodes.

Do the above and, that is first separation of State(s) from Money, regardless of where node operators want to place their nodes. (and its not in Google, Amazon or Azure cloud, but can definitely have the nodes operate on KVM or Virtualbox equipped and container capable appliances mounted in your colo cage.

How Anapaya Deploys Scion Protocol the foundation for OF-VPNs

Next Generation Internet: InterNet 2.0 "By the People, For the People"

"Data Flow Secured, Highly Available, End ot End Quality of Service, Node Operator Selected Data flow Path Control.

A Crypto Currency Network of Nodes "Dream Come True" SCION Protocol- AnaPaya

Yup, no possibility of the 'snoop dog' spooks (regardless of state or purpose) getting in at Layer 4, 3,2,1 and 0 of the ISO Stack via "Network Shaping". (via route poisoning of BGPsec redirect the data flow, port mirror copy the data, the forensic analyse later with HPC, so 'they' can collect tax dollars they have assessed, not earned, at their whimsy) 

Super Fast and Secure Worldwide Protection for those that colo their  cryptocurrency nodes outside the current clouds is possible today in Europe, some part of AsiaPac, and coming to North America by 2021.

The Big question becomes , will your provider  on your locale, honour your privacy and force the State to work through the legislative branch to place a  proper court order, based on sufficient evidence of wrong doing,  on the provider, to get the Provider to hand over your transaction data?

Well today they can do just EASILY, that Because the Provider controls the routing, and employs Cisco and Juniper routers both capable of port mirroring any IP stream for copying, storage elsewhere for later processing to support a court order. You have no initial chance to rebutt the court order with counter legal action, they just do it.

In the Next Generation Internet, a properly planned and deployed set of cryptocurrency nodes gives "citizen you" the a legal position where you can actually defend yourself against bogus government claims to go after additional tax revenue which is not legally their business.

The "proof is in the pudding".  For the past three years, The Swiss National Bank connected to 240 other banks, the Swiss Stock Exchange connected everywhere, Swisscom, Switch AG and other neighbouring countries and Provider as well as Big Banks in the EU have SCION deployed  for "Geo-Fencing" to stop foreign "Network Shaping" via Anapaya's implementation.

Ask yourself who are they keeping out? The State prying of USA, Canada, China, Russia? Probably?

The same opportunity for protection exists for all cryptocurrency node networks

Virtual Crypto Network Fencing is 'Orthogonal' to Geo-Fencing, both use the SCION Protocol, with the latter deployed at the colo, outside the current clouds with control of the data flow path to other nodes in the hands of the node operator,

And that my reader friends, is TRULY the very first step to truly separating States from money an, the long term protection of "citizen you" buying power and well earned or speculated gains of value. 

Stay safe from prying eyes..,

TK over and out...









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