CRYPTO TKOs ISSUE #008: Crypto Turning Point 2021? BTC US$ 1T Mark Cap vs the QFS Quandry
Wrap and Stake the FLARE Network Way aka QFS vs Crypto et al,  our post Fiat future?

CRYPTO TKOs ISSUE #008: Crypto Turning Point 2021? BTC US$ 1T Mark Cap vs the QFS Quandry

FEBRUARY 13th, 14th, 15th of 2021. The Turning point in the World Economy.

Remember that string of February Days.

13th (A luck # in most parts of the world) The 45th president of the USA wins his Indictment case in the US Senate.

14th Valentines Day in the West- A typically good day to give your loved one a hug. :)

15th BTC rises up over US$ 900M, the Total Crypto market Cap crests over US $1.5 Trillion 

Today with 1 Trillion in BTC market cap  on the boards...  Bitcoin has truly arrived US $ Price around $55,000.57 here

In this CRYPTO TKOs #008 issue, we see the world getting out from behind the "8 Ball" in new and innovative ways not seen before, escaping the  "fiat monied'" controlled demolition of the Fiat system once and for all, as these same 'types' frenetically flee to crypto and the world of Quantum Finance.


U.S. series of 2006 A $1 trillion note | Banknotes money, Banknotes design, Dollar note

I got One Trillion Dollars!! Yeah Bitcoin!

BTC hit US $ 1 Trillion today without the much , alternative media (US post election) hyped  'Quantum Financial Systems'  QFS, aka Flare Network wrapped fBTC in FLR Spark token, the hard fork into SC from XRP, a case of too little too late, when it comes to collaborative government and Central Bank pace.

Bitcoin interestingly has actually declined in Market Dominance below 60% meaning the rest of the 'Altcoin' market is growing even faster these days. hmm.


The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Roman Pushkin Mixes) (2006, Vinyl) | Discogs

The Quandary, No the Quagmire, of the Emerging Quantum Financial Network, QFS - Should I Stay or Should I go Now

Much has been said post US election about the Quantum Financial System "QFS on many a social Vlog Bitchute et al. So what is really going on, while we wait for SCOTUS today to seriously fumble the judicial football in the US re: Evidenced Voter Fraud?

Is "QFS quacking" a 'bait & switch play' by these vloggers? It might be, then again, 'they' may truly believe the QFS will make a big difference and correct the 200 trillion Dollar theft claimed, with QFS providing a way to give it all back. Of this I am not so sure, smells like a beauty contest to me, to decide which 'fiat' assets get converted to Ripple Forked DLT control of Digital Assets, where QFS  FLR(Spark tokens) staked voting rights on how that happens does already supporting 'voter right delegation' (assign your QFS staked vote to someone else, maybe at the point of gun?),  meaning the voting lobbyists can collect delegated votes and get their fiat converted their way to Digital Currency on the QFS.

Yeah sure QFS, once you dig into the details, will likely be used by a coven of Central Banks to replace SWIFT and IBAN, at their controlled demolition pace of the fiat market space. QFS will convert "legal" fiat holdings at some point and, QFS will allow free exchange of Wrapped assets into  #FLR Spark token wrapped #fXRP trade-able  with few fees, via built in Liquidity pairs matched to other #SPARK(#FLR) wrapped versions of #fDOGE, #fBTC and #fLTC and likely more other major crypto currencies.  (I have also seen posts mentioning #XLM(Stellar) and #IOTA joining and also #eTORO joining the #QFS space, time well tell if those posts had any merit..)

It doesn't help QFS that the originator, #Ripple is in a 'fist fight' right now, in legal terms, with theUS  #SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission),  defending XRP to be treated in the same manner as BTC(Bitcoin) or ETH(Ethereum), imo,  a 'poisonous sale' if there ever was one.

QFS worldwide settlement, staking and SC network (XRP w/ SC capabilities and more) will likely become a market force worldwide, only when participating governments and central banks get around to agreeing on how to actually and effectively re-collateralize and price real assets in Flare Network as SPARK (FLR) tokens(The FIAT MORPHING 'beauty'  contest). Expect the same govt players to be 'bating the 'public' to garner more votes,  with 'debt forgiveness' candy options (NESERA/GESERA worded of course), complete with their  'special' qualifying hurdles. The  FLARE (QFS) Built in  distributed AI oracle driven price feeds operated by agents receiving a fee for doing their work,  on the Flare Network together with two sets of voting rights and the "PoS" staking mechanisms with dual rewards payouts , you can learn about here .

Meanwhile, most smart investors won't be waiting around for QFS to materialize, as we "The People" make the big shift to  CryptoWallet based P2P banking and  mostly DEX cebtric buy/sell markets, as BTC and gang continue to roll forward in the Top 200 space toward collectively US $ 2Trillion before year end, me thinks. ;)

TK Note- My freemarket spidey sense tells me the current crypto world will quickly become a bigger part of asset backed 'digital' money supply, versus 100 billion silver or gold coins minted and represented on FLARE Network to back fAssets, which is really the SC "Smart Contract capable forked version of Ripple, with some pretty complex voting rights and staking rules for their FLR Spark token,  so the latter is not really not a practical solution for sovreign crypto investors,  is it?

Hopium, really good behind Purple SunGlasses

A Non Leap Year, Sorry February QFS Hopefuls, Maybe it's really just Purple Meanies running QFS?

Will we all be propelled into the QFS and see crypto values (95% of them the'experts' say) zero out in most cases?

Me thinks not, since governments have no way to stop the thousands of "Blockchain" Nodes populating the Internet worldwide, not do many of them want it to happen as many government types have vested interests in crypto already. 

Ok FlareNetwork is open source, so what? What matters is who controls the staking, one voter per FLR(Spark) staker is one thing, Egvernance and pricing of assets will be another, because the 'QFS' allows delegation, sort of like stockholder or option voting rights oin real companies, expect the lobbyists to kick to really control the direction of both governance and pricing of assets by those groups with the most aggregate stake of SPARK(FLR) tokens. 


56. うんこ を踏む | 株式会社うんこ

The ShitCoin Sid Effect: Over the Cliff or into a Merger, Coming your way in 2021 to make it even more interesting?

Will Shitcoins fall by the wayside? Yup where they don't add any real value, while copy cat forks will be absorbed at pennies on the dollar

Simply take a look at the Storage Altcoins as probably the most likely market to consolidate first, likely with mergers.

The Merger Candidates in Crypto Storage


Altcoins of useful value, facilitating new ways of doing business are being rewarded as the incumbent fiat "sharks", recently turned crypto investors,  run the table in the Top 100 and cherry pick the table 100 to 200. All good.

Crypto is now part of the World Money supply and its not going away. What will go away is the over-inflated Fiat valuation of most any 'asset' in that world of money, given many of them are derivatives and even oversubscribed paper certificates representing metals (especially gold and silver).

Bby all accounts, the WEF/WEC Davos crowd  is getting a Monetary Reset wake-up right now.  They are not in charge, the market is in charge and, that's a good thing.

Yes, as CBDCs in various ripple flavor forms get issued at warp speed by Governments  and their CBs to convert fiat into wrapped 'QFS' assets, in order control the flow way from fiat to crypto  and crypto backed assets,  at the pace the CBs and their masters  want, the rest of the Crypto market will accelerate, possibly even partake as PoS SPARK Wrapped Assets in that network, while continuing to do what crypto does best, take over the world of commerce, relentlessly led by BTC.

In fact their will be a battle right with in the QFS between govts not so friendly to Central Banks, which makes the crypto market as we know it, even more appealing to investors large and small.

Ok it's wrap

TK over and out..


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