What's in the CARDS for CARDANO? A Rocketship to the Moon imo..,

CRYPTO TKOs Issue #006: What's in the CARDs for CARDANO?: Flareout or Success?

As CARDANO rockets to the top ahead of former colleague Ethereum Founder and current Captain of PolkaDot, one has to wonder.

Is this growth substantiated on real Main St. Value Creation or simply Speculator Frenzy, or a bit of both?

Likely the latter.

CARDANO in the Main First Fold Browser News using DuckDuckgo Search shows us the following:

CARDANO First Fold News Feb 10 2020

OK? Now what? Ride out the correction as a Hodler supreme, or is the first article one of "detraction"? hmmm.

The 2nd Article rings true in my opinion, both #Polkadot's and Cardano's recent fortunes have been made at the expense of the Ethereum community's lack of delivering what is really needed, that is #PoS #ETH 2.0 style for TPS @ scale to support millions of Smart Contract Transactions on the Main Chain over the week or so. Too many fingers in the pie me thinks.

Where Cardano and Polkadot have one person effectively at the helm guiding the ship, focused on roadmap scheduled deliverables.

In a few words, both CEOs have matured into battle hardened commercial software executives, while the ETH camp 'boils the ocean'.


CORRECTION?  Yes Speculators do ride many horses and change saddles often in the race.

The WHALES powered by AI and ML simulations dictating trade action do have two serious advantages, Lots of CASH and Lots of Experience.

I Want To Believe - Movie Clip from Braveheart at ...The Future Face of Fiat?

Age and Treachery most always tactically trumps energy and youth, in the world of fiat. (Just ask the Older Bruce...)

Strategically though, many of the small crypto speculators/investors don't understand they are looking at the controlled demolition of the money supply, orchestrated by the biggest of the big, as these NYC & London Whales now have a foot firmly positioned on both sides the fence, armed to the teeth in order to systematically raze the fiat world to the ground while they raise up the crypto world, making money on both sets of ups and downs.


IMF/BIS/WEF CBDC  "Great Reset" Acid Test? XRP Fast Recovery and Success, for awhile...

Gimli | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | FANDOM powered by ...The Face of XRP?

Will their be one Crypto to rule them all? Not in my lifetime and, I still have a good 40 years ahead of me. ;)

Sure, #XRP #Ripple and its clone variants operating as centrally controlled & regulated distributed ledgers, will take over the 'old' world fiat settlement creating a Central Bank  replacement network of settlement flows for awhile (bye bye Swift and Iban?) and, prosper, likely over the next 5 years, peaking in about three years is my guess. Thereafter they will be in a huge fight they can't possibly win... (There are too many of us...)


BTC: The Crypto Hammer on Fiat's head..

Examples of The Great Warrior Hero Archetype | The Great ...The Crypto Hammer has arrived, in the form of NYC big Money

Oddly enough Bitcoin Lightning Network won't keep BTC in the game in the 5 year horizon, but Wrappers of BTC will, like the ones emerging fast , embedded in Balancers and the like, including that wrapper  coming from CARDANO (coming soon). 

Big TK Tip: Thereafter, those distributed public/private ledgers which can handle balancing, routing, wrappers, colored coins and Smart Contracts to support multiple composite hard stores of value debt issuance with good inflation control are, imo,  likely to triumph and grow even faster after Year 3 peak of XRP.

So applying the above formula helps to better understand why #CARDANO and #Polkadot have leaped ahead of #XRP, for the time being.


There is Money in them there altcoins. Still lots of Crypto Rocketships  'Ready to Launch to the Moon'.

What makes a great communications proposition? | movementmuse

Looking at other crypto, one has to wonder what's up for #Stellar and similar too. (#XLM is My Dark Horse pick to surge even further, maybe catching both #ADA and #DOT in just a few years...)

Heck even #BAT from Brave has huge upside, imo, especially come 2022 when permissioned advertising replaces the push model as regulated by law.

In the mean time, #BTC is heading towards US $60K this year and a 1 Trillion Market cap faster than most anyone thought likely before the end of 2021, faster than anyone thought, except for Max K and the well informed early entrants into Bitcoin.

After all, Elon Musk, the best debt salesmen NYC has to offer, (grabbing up all those NY, LV and CA  taxpayer subsidies for 10 years or more with the promise of jobs),  has Tesla buying US$ 1.5B in Bitcoin.

After that move alone, it's Interesting to note Tesla Cars made more money in two weeks than the company has made in its entire history... go figure.

Exciting times, non?

TK over and out. ;)





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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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