CRYPTO TKOs Issue #005: the BIG SWAP- US Fiat to USR Cornucopia : Why Not?
The BIG SWAP FIAT for? Coming your way

CRYPTO TKOs Issue #005: the BIG SWAP- US Fiat to USR Cornucopia : Why Not?

TK's US Republic Recipe for a New Paper/Digital Currency issue backed by hard stores of value.

Keep in mind for perfect privacy, paper money and coinage still rule, so you need a combo of this and crypto.

Cartoon of the Day: Elephant In The Room

Government CryptoCurrencies: What's coming?

Government Issued Digital Currency is

 indeed, the "Elephant in the Room" of Crypto few are talking about, so what will the US$ look like in the near future?

Fiat is the 900lb gorilla, which is well, outlived it's stay in the zoo of world finance, time to change it into something else, that actually works,

TK says let's talk about what "IT" could be, in distributed public ledger form, with Coin issue hard limits and structured inflation a la #BTC #Bitcoin, using of all things,  government Treasury Reserve Balancer mechanisms which include a portfolio of other cyptos , where some of those cryptos in the Balancer are representing hard assets (oil and gas reserves,  precious metals, etc..).

Let's also have a constructive conversation in the comments below. ;)

In this issue #005 I present a some TK musings re: what the BIG SWAP might/could look like in the context of such a proposed new issue of asset backed US Currency  which I call USRC.

TK Reader Alert: This is ANTI-WEC Great Reset stuff, so if you are in that camp, move on.  ;)

It's a big pipe dream , I know, so let's "swing for the fences" on this one

Hank Aaron Tied Babe Ruth's Home Run Record on This Day in ...

USRC- United States Republic Cornucopia Note+Coinage & CryptoCoin  Equivalent-  The BIG Muse...

50% Metals (Balancer US Treasury fund  US sourced Gold, Lithium, Neodymium, Zinc and Silver Reserves)

50% Assets ( Balancer US Treasury fund : New world- US Sourced BTC, ETH, Old world- US Sourced Oil, NG, Coal)

OK, all fine and dandy but how to start?

The notion is that US citizens can present their Paper Note and coinage and received precious metal equivalents, or convert to the crypto equivalent in digital form, no questions asked. (Yeah now I am really high.. ;) )


1972 ALGERIA (One) 20 CENTIMES Carded Coin, Cornucopia ... Ahh, 1972, the year after the "crime of the century"

SwapOut Onetime Fiat for  USRC 'CornuCopia' 1: 1- I year do it or lose it- Fiat chain of custody required

Think US Fiat Note for  USR Cornucopia Note 1:1 trade, at any financial institution, Bank or credit union, from legal sources of fiat. (crime attached? your fiat is worth ZERO! ) Providence "chain of custody" three links deep?

Assume such US Distributed Ledgers and US Treasury Wallets and Minting of Digital Cornucopia Coin  USRC use a distributed public ledger and you control your wallet with support for all the crypto carried in the USR balancers (which need to be voted on via the legislature, not managed by some pension fund manager...)

Also think Finite Supply- 100 Trillion Coins, light weight Distributed PoW minting by US Treasury Public owned Miners only of 20 Trillion over 20 years.


80 Trillion 1:1 One for one  USCR Paper Note & precious metal coinage (think silver and copper) with USCR crypto coin, happening as a one time swap event in 2022, post US mid terms,  where the fiat redeemer has a choice/mix of USCR digital cryptocoin versus USCR paper and coinage.

Also think Exchange Formats of UXTO and ERC20 convertible/wrapped offerings allowed ,  which included and bi-directional connects to the existing Crypto Market Exchanges.

Again, the remaining 20 Trillion is minted as controlled inflation for 20 years a la BTC by US Treasury Mining rigs only added to Us Treasury Wallets only via State legislature majority approval, drawn on by US Govt only to be pay for US govt sponsored projects at the national, state and municipal level.

Pay your reduced tax rates via same? of course. 

Are the people still in control? Absolutely

Learn About Direct Democracy and Its Pros and Cons

USCR Price Discovery: What do the Balancers Say? - Reducing Price Discovery Complexity for USRC

After the Balancers are set up with Legislatively approved crytpos, per their political platforms on which they were voted in, the access to funds are multi-signature access controlled and also governed by legislatively approved Smart Contracts for each department and their legislatively approved projects. 

USCR $ Value per the combined Commercial Balancer market as they are plugged into the UXTO and ERC20  BTC and ETH plus related Altcoin markets . (Nice replacement for fiat based mutual funds)

Expect a rush to those crypto value add plays which can represent physical assets as value on this distributed public ledger as stores of value, linking into balancers along side other cryptos and such assets. 

My oh my, how the world of money and hard stores of value is a changin'.  ;)

I see a Commercial Balancer Index  coming valued in USRC, running 24*7*365 becoming the new pulse of collective money supplies world wide.

IIF Report Predicts Global Debt Will Reach New All-Time ...oh the debt is growing

Junk Bonds & Derivatives Don't Count: Gamble Elsewhere...

Well that removes 350+ Trillion (debt 250T along per the graph) from of the multi-private analyst estimated and concurred  US $ 700 Trillion Supply of Fiat out there worldwide in various forms (Stocks, Bonds, Derivatives, precious metal, commodities, real estate, etc..). OK there is a shortfall in them numbers, is the rest all dirty, or just missing (lost in the 'space program'...) ?

That was easy. ;)

Seriously if you live in that fiat space, my spidey sense tells me its time to move out of that investment space, asap.

On This Day In History: Solar Storm Known As The ...

The EMP Factor- Crypto's Achilles Heel?

Yup, so take the appropriate precautions and manage your portfolio accordingly and start watching the SUN weather media sites. Other than that regimes w/ EMP blaster tech need to also be accounted for in your risk profile, large and small.

What can be done to harden up Cryptos  USRC and otherwise to survive? Lots.

In anybody in the crypto space doing anything? YUP. Read here for some good advice


What if several of the world's biggest food crops failed ...

Resource Rich, Precious and Rare Metals Poor- The Food, Water and Energy options

Are you Country or Regime with few Physical Resources?

Well there are still options to prosper in the proposed "hard store of value" world of USRC

The Energy Storage Wild Card : Green, Dirty or Hybrid, what's your poison? 

Well Energy Storage might be the Answer. Higher value too, if the Energy generation source is CLEAN (not green as much of that tech is actually dirty).

What Qualifies as Clean, well it depends, it's a short list:

CLEAN List plus a few 'wannabe' clean sources: 

1.Scrubbed offshore recovery Natural Gas- Sulphur produced as a usable byproduct in yellow cake form.

2. Clean Coal, Stack Scrubbed burned at lower temperatures with double chain pollutants easier, lower cost to scrub

3. ZincAir Batteries- Air in , production of electricity with Zinc using specialized anodes, Air Out, way cleaner than Lithium, much lower cost of recovery, easily recycled. Zinc is most everywhere and byproduct of different types of precious metal mining or exists on its own as zinc oxide near surface repositories in many countries in large and small amounts. Low cost recovery and smelting. Zinc8 is leading the way in North America.

4. Wind with a caveat provided the rotor blades are recycled (instead of being buried in Wyoming...) and the neodymium rare earth permenant magnets used in the generator rotor does not come from CN where slave labor recovery practices artificially keep the price low. Copper coils in the generator stator  sourced from environmentally responsible mines also hard to find. If the Wind uses double excited 'squirrel cage' synchronous generators only made of copper, well that is actually better, except they are lousy for charging prime mover batteries positioned near the source of electrical use.

5. Solar? NOT- a tightly laminated construction of films increases disposal costs & uses very dirty mining and fabrication of laminate materials, plus global dimming by large weather modification outfits like the USAF and other third party contractors directing precipitation for commercial farm profits ensure your solar panels are only 80% of their advertised peak power ratings, which pushes out your ROI on solar 25% longer. ( The solar vendor said 7 or 8 years, think 9 or 10 to recover your investment a break even about then.)

6. Hydro Powered Electricity Generation- If its there use it, otherwise don't build it, it's an environmental 20th Century catastrophe of legendary proportions

Water and Food as Stores of Value- Clean or Dirty or Both?

While neither, imo are likely to be part of the Balancer Formula employed in USCR Balancer by the 2022 USR Treasury, its likely the private crypto sector will pick up the slack and represent such reserves as assets within their own Balancer offering.


Cartoon Humiliates Joe Biden by Brutally Exposing Who ...

Investment Advice? Get out of the US "reality distortion field" and, protect your hard stores of value, asap

The above are just my hunches on what "could be" with some intelligence applied in the crypto sense to the BIG SWAP, with a bit of detail. So its likely some sort of "compromise'  Hybrid Old/New World of hard stores of value and asset mix  will emerge over time, some of it quickly I think.

Will USRC happen? who knows? It would be nice though, if someone close to the incoming US admin picked up on this concept.

I suspect  #USCR will show up in some form with a different label at some point to counter the EU led CBCD reboot of #IBAN settlement network with some sort of #RIPPLE #XRP variant and when it does show up, US led #SWIFT settlement network as we know it will be DEAD.

Anyway, stay safe and prosper,

TK over and out :)









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