CensorShip Resistance Systems: NYM and how it might work for MicroGrids.

Ok.  NYM just raised US $ 2.5M, May 14th 2019 via their ICO, while promoting to buld a better TOR. It looks like the team has the "nads" and experience to pull it off.

Good for them.

Read about it here.  https://www.coindesk.com/nym-technologies-raises-2-5-million-to-anonymize-crypto-apps


Energy Network Relevance?

Why is this notion of Censor Resistant Systems "CSR" revelant, or important to the energy sector? 

Simply said, a mix network like NYM, when it arrives as a test net in 2020, ushers in a new way to protect the sovereignty of you the individual, your money and your livelihood (ie- access to/payment for/sale of -->power history/transactions to the public grid, or micro grid)

The NYM offer, a new CSR improvement of their earlier involvement on the Loopix project, means we might be in a position by 2021, where we can finally protect the Power Grid, public or private,  from prying eyes for any reason. It's that simple.


For example. Answer this Question. Do you really want spying companies or nation states to know your power bill details? 


Cypherpunk inspired "Mix Net" history

Here is a bit of history to review as it applies to Censor Resistance Systems or Networks, so called "Mix Nets" from the early days of the Cypherpunk movement until just recently..


A deeper dive can be found here (for those technically inclined and network savvy, the producers of the chart above)



Be Safe protect yourself...

n.b- TOR is an invention of the Naval Research Labs, so that should raise some Eye Brows out there. (No backdoors? yeah right. :) )


How might we use  "mix networks" with strong CRS and NYM in remote power microgrid applications? :

Carefully-   placing CRS capability like Loopix or NYM into non real-time traffic path ways,  where RT "Real Time" safety data traffic is not flowing. 

Loopix and, its soon to be born prodginy NYM,  promise to deliver anonymity of a better quality than TOR at the expense of bandwidth. The Loopix/NYM approach does induce latency into the data flow by injecting cover packets and inserting time delays and random path selections, even path looping to confound the adversary trying to spy on your traffic.

NYM promises to go beyond encrypted VPS onion layers of TOR, where NYM  is designed to operate at the IP address level/MAC level of the packet  to disguise ingress/egress of packets so throughly your end to end privacy is ensured.


I hope NYM pull it off. It would be nice to secure miccrogrids with such a solution. 

If you need a bit more transparency (I have nothing to hide and, oh yeah, if you don't like someone having an opinion, don't go here. ;) )


Need more info about Loopix? Go to this University College London Github site to learn more...



TK over and out 



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