The InterChain  powered by IBC will be our new Digital Interstate

Building the Interchain FAST with IBC : The Digital InterState- NFT Hard Assets & SMB Adoption

Yeah FIAT sucks, BIS sucks, Banking sucks in general. Tell me something different.

How about this?

The Digital Interstate will be powered by IBC connecting  MANY disparate Blockchains together to form a series of NEW Interchains to settle transactions between both #BTC and #ETH  'extended' camps, in and across Nation States, without CBDCs.

The speed of how quickly this  "Network of  Interchains" forms to create our new peer 2 peer Digital Interstates

(to create new found prosperity  not seen by most of us toiling away on this earth)

is anyone's guess at the moment, as many 'blockchain founder' egos are in the way.


Where to Start?

Having #Chainlink and #Cosmos on the same page endorsing and contributing to IBC along with leadership in the ETH and BTC camps would go along ways to speeding up the formation of these networks of Interchains, what I call the Digital InterState. (see the 10 4 10 original Digital InterState post)

That said both need to step up their out reach to the main player camps of ETH and BTC and get them on board.

Will it happen? hmm.

Hydrogen: Hydrogen Zeppelin Explosion

AT the moment think Hydrogen balloons with each founding group  in their basket communicating with flame thrower blasts.

Not a pretty picture, but typical of the young and not so young bucks who think they have it, "The Interchain" all figured out.


As Gretzky, the 'Great One' used to say ( I 'm not a fan, he was protected by guys like Dave Semenko and Bettman(NHL Commissioner), 

"before the game you need to park your egos at the door if you really want to win." 


In the case of  the #Interchain becoming a reality and winning against what look to be all odds (BIS and CBDCs),

it's not always the case that the best open source will win.


The BTC camp thinking like Highlander "There can only be one" is really laughable...

Then you have the Hopium of the 'Flippening' in the main ETH camp. Boring, yes  you did good with multiple ERCxxxx stuff but it took ETH 2.0 for ever to show up..

Both these 'extended' camps centred around ETH and BTC  blockchain tech have done great work in the past,

however if the 'Greater Cryptosphere' wants a multi-blockchain world to actually work to:

largely compliment and eventually replace antiquated  "There can only be BIS" (at the top) of FIAT Central Banking printing more money to enslave us all and destroy our buying power and any real chance of a prosperous, peaceful life....

( yeah a long run on sentence, don't shoot the messenger.., it keeps going  ;) )

then all of these 'leading' groups will be best served if they 'bellied up to the crypto bar'  and rallied around a common interest which is connectivity.

Right now, imo that common connectivity tech looks to be #IBC, since IBC already working in various forms with various (albeit ETH centric) blockchains.

Tell me I'm wrong.

The Interchain needs to grow up fast to compliment then eventually replace FIAT Banking and debt slavery.

NFTs need to be part of the mix, as NFTs can represent hard assets as one of my readers leonzz  pointed out.


To NFT or not NFT, that is the BIG question, FACING Interchain Developers..,

The tech challenge with #NFTs is  to  support 'relative market price discovery' in RT.  

EDA Event Driven Architectures (see Solace Systems) are likely going to get adopted by crypto DEXes like OSMOSIS sooner or later to support such RT NFT price discovery. (EDA is heavily used in Fintech today, not so much in the cryptosphere)

In order to see this  EDA adoption through to support RT DEX NFT price discovery @ scale , crypto projects need to start looking for developers with EDA skills. The gotchya here is most all of the CEOs running these Interchain projects really don't understand EDA.

Said in layman's terms,  any small or big crypto investor before buying and NFT representing some unique asset want to first check the market to make  comparisons with 'similar' NFTs  found in the same  'hard asset' category or subcategory.

The above represents a great opportunity for the  team at OSMOSIS creators of the DEX for Cosmos  to add NFT support into the #OSMOSIS solution.

When the "Interchain  of Blockchains" gathers in the above proponents AND gets peer 2 peer NFTs to work,

imo  we will likely see the day we cryptonauts start see the savvy SMB Main Street  business owners jump in to support dPoS Staking to secure and make liquid  what will be a growing number  dPOS 'staking' vaildator nodes in the Interchain of Blockchains.

That means both Chainlink and COSMOS need to think about adding more validator nodes into their networks to support what would be explosive growth and also step up the development of #NFT support for IBC.


As for the  Outliers who should great promise like #Cardano, #EOS,  #Stellar, #IOTA et al,


such Outliers imo need to get on the IBC program or


get vanquished to footnote status, shortly. 


That's my Interchain two cents and I 'm stickin' to it.


Stay safe everyone and, invest wisely, especially in NFTs which can be setup to represent real hard value (Used Classic Car market anyone?).


TK over and out.






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