10% Working Capital from Small Biz for 10% Inter-Blockchai Staking rewards builds the new  21st Century Digital Interstate

10 4 10 Fighting The Big Ugly Phase 1: The Digital InterState

Congrats to the FED. They have 'kicked the can down the street' with high interest rates to stave off total collapse of the Stock and Bond Markets, sort of..

Crushing everyone's buying power in the process, due to high inflation rates for Food driven by Higher Wage demands.

Now Given  US de-dollarization is now real... (having hit the BRICS wall)

The FED, in their infinite evil, (this is a deliberate 'soft culling') has more than doubled Bank interest rates from 3.25% in March of 2022 to 8% as of the end of March 2023 to screw everyone except the rich.


So 'What up' with crypto?

Imo there is a narrow window of opportunity for both the BTC and ETH ecosystems in the bigger part of the cryptosphere to finally establish cypto's relevance in the 

Main St. Economy

by 'countering' the FED action by 'incentivizing' retailers, service companies, warehousing, manufacturing and growers of food and green textiles

to start STAKING & settling their Main St. transactions with crypto with a 10% plus REWARD offer for Staking 10% of their working capital for 90 days or more.

We might as well pay ourselves than have some greedy bankers reap the rewards at  the BIG BANK privileged #FED "overnight rate window". 


 10 4 10 : 


The answer to avoiding the oncoming FIAT BIG Ugly Collapse?

Me thinks so.

Let's all work together to encourage small biz to help everyone BUILD the new Digital Interstate for the Main St. Economy in Inter-Blockchain form to finally give everyone the right to prosperity without banker involvement. We don't need the Banks.


10 4 10 :

How?  Get Small Biz engaged in Staking 10% of the their working capital in Inter-Blockchain Settlement Networks for 10% Rewards

Incentivize Main St. biz to withdraw 10% from their banks, and  park some 10% of their working capital in reward payouts about 2% above the current US prime of 8%  and payout 10% for Staking that part of their working capital to stablize and grow the security and settlement node number of the alternate settlement systems for BTC and ETH alt-coins supported by inter-blockchain players Chainlink and Cosmos Inter-blockchains.

Such a show of support blunts the effect of de-dollarization.

The Fabulous 50s !!!

Just like the Interstate build in the US of the 40's and 50's contributed to the biggest Boom of the 20th century,

It's time to build the Digital Interstates  of the 21st Century, namely Inter-Blockchains, to take the edge off the big ugly and,

finally realize a 'bank-less' person to person and biz to biz Digital Commerce firmly anchored by the  Main St. real economy.

Last I looked, such interest gains in staking to create the new  Digital Interstate of Commerce is more than possible.

10 4 10 can be very real, really fast.

So  please encourage your Main St. Biz contacts to Stake up to 10% chunk of their Working Capital to earn 10%+ annually from staking rewards in Inter-blockchains like #Cosmos and #Chainlink, the crypto communities doing the fast  settlement security  between  most of the major #BTC and #ETH ecosystem blockchains and  the stable coins.

In practical terms that means we Cryptonauts each need to get one or two small businesses involved in withdrawing 10% of the bank balance and  have them stake via stable coins,  10% of their working capital float into these very important Inter-blockchains today to earn 10% reward and help these Inter-Blockchain communities rapidly build the new the digital Interstate of the 21st Century, without the banks, to avoid the BIG Ugly.


Be Brave, just do it.  10 4 10 !


nuff said. ;)


TK over and out


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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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