Ads & Brave Browser! How It is Becoming A Big Player & Why Does It Matter ?

By Sdsahu101 | Brave Browser & BAT | 24 Mar 2020

    Well now I am becoming a little familiar with publish0x and thanks to all of you for that matter. Well this my third blog now and the second one about brave browser and bat. Well before starting my blog any further I would like to say a good day and thank you to all as always .

    As you know brave browser is a privacy respecting browser. As it is built on the etherium blockchain network it shows privacy respecting ads with users consent and also rewards them about which you can learn more from my previous blog on brave browser and bat.

    As we discussed the facts about ads above I think the ads does matter a lot in that sense to make more secure internet which is accessible to all of us. Hoping you all also think in the same way.

        Brave Becoming Giant Player in Advertising !

    As the digital advertising is on big run which is mainly populated by the likes of facebook and google  I think brave is going to become a major player with 4 million daily active users (DAU) and 12 million monthly active users (MAU) as of March 5. So as you all are seeing ads of Amazon and flipkart (one of Indian eCommerce giant) are coming with ads on the platform among other big players advertising on the platform.  So with saying that brave having a large user base we are more likely to see more giants coming to advertise on the platform.

    So taking all the factors into consideration I think in the near future brave is going to become another advertising giant with its user base increasing rapidly.

    Hoping you all agree with that I would like your say on the matter in the comment section below with saying that I bid you a goodbye And will see you again.

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Brave Browser & BAT
Brave Browser & BAT

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