Why Brave & BAT ?

By Sdsahu101 | Brave Browser & BAT | 23 Mar 2020

Well I am back again with another blog .So then welcome to everyone on publish0x and wishing every one to have a good day.Today I will shed some light upon the brave browser and the bat economy and how it is affecting the day to day user and how it will brave the new internet.

But in order to use brave browser we first need to understand the vision of the team behind all this.The team behind this crypto backed browser wants to give complete freedom to the end user which is the utmost important thing for them.


1.First of all brave respects users privacy and it does not send anything like users data to anyone or even itself to that matter as the browsing history never leaves your browser.

2.Brave also have inbuilt shields which also filter out the ads so that there is no annoyance in your browsing session.

3.As you use brave browser if you wish you can opt into brave rewards to earn some money by viewing privacy respecting ads which will popup as an notification on your notification panel. 

Brave hopes that the bat which you earn , you will donate some of it to your favorite content creators so that they can also mean some money without showing you any short of ads on their respective pages.

So what are you guys waiting for download the brave browser right now from here.

hope you all like this article and fell free to ask about any queries. 

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Hoping you all liked this I am signing off for now .

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A student from India who developed certain interest in crypto recently .

Brave Browser & BAT
Brave Browser & BAT

All you need to know about brave browser and the new internet.

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