Brave Ads not displaying properly? Here is an idea.
Brave Ads not displaying properly? Here is an idea.

Throughout the past week, I have seen many posts from Brave users across all platforms talking about the lack of ads they are seeing.  Even with the ad frequency at 5 per hour, many users are only getting 2-3 per day.

Now we all know Brave does not sell our data to any outside parties.  This makes it harder for advertisers to target us.

We also know that Brave follows are browsing habits and uses them to target us with ads.  So if you are not browsing different topics you may only receive ads from a few advertisers.  This would explain the low amount of ads recently.  There has also been a large spike of users on Brave the past few weeks.

So my idea to get more Ads?  Get on a search engine and begin searching products that are trendy.  I'm sure there is a list somewhere of the most popular items and searches the past week.  Maybe doing this will increase the net size of ads we receive from various advertisers.  The ads you receive are based on what you browse so that's why I think this would work.  I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them.


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Brave and BAT review after one week of use.
Brave and BAT review after one week of use.

This past week was my first week using the Brave browser along with BAT. I was a little skeptical of leaving chrome, but as of lately the amount of ads were really slowing my browser down. I knew had to switch browsers soon and I did to Brave. To anybody that is skeptical of switching I highly recommend doing a little research and watching a few YouTube videos about it. I 100% recommend the Brave browser. Earn BAT just for browsing on brave. Download brave here

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