By Africahead | Brand Tokens | 13 Sep 2019

Prize money = 10'000'000'000 (ten billion) Moyom (MYM) utility tokens.


Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) is a new cryptocurrency exchange, Africahead is developing. Currently IPPAEX is run on two 0x Project exchanges; and When enough funds have been raised, Africahead will install an own exchange platform. IPPAEX lists brand tokens. The exchange is run according to the new-capitalist philosophy called Intequinism. The first two brand tokens, listed on IPPAEX are Africahead Ipparts (AFA) and Divided Party (DiP). The brand tokens are backed by 48% of the organisations' brand values (goodwill).

The utility token or money for IPPAEX is Moyom (MYM). When MYM is liquid, Africahead and other holders of MYM will fund new brands on IPPAEX, whilst investing in new listed brand tokens with MYM. The utility of MYM is therefore, partly, buying brand tokens, listed on IPPAEX. Currently AFA and DiP can be purchased with MYM. Anyone may apply to list a brand token on IPPAEX. MYM is currently sold for the lowest possible price of 0.000'000'01 ETH per MYM token.

Intequinism is the foundational philosophy of Africahead and Divided Party, a new political party in South Africa. Other brand tokens, listing on IPPAEX, do not have to comply with Intequinism, because all investors do not have the same view about value.


The competition is; writing a report or reports or making videos, anywhere on the Internet, to give IPPAEX exposure, in order to add value to IPPAEX. It is not necessary to agree with Intequinism, whilst writing. I will be the judge. I have a background in academia and entrepreneurship, and was educated in accounting and philosophy. Content and presentation will influence me. Clear references to sources will be considered and logical reasoning order.

The total prize is 10'000'000'000 Moyom (MYM), which will be divided equally between two winners. The competition will close around 30 November 2019. Those who took part and clearly made an effort, who are not one of the two winners will also receive MYM, according to their effort and logic. The work done must be explained with links in a single comment below. In order to keep the links to the work clearly accessible, questions should rather be asked in direct messages to @mdpienaar on Minds and other social media, and Africahead on social media. Social media links are available on the Africahead website. I reserve the right to withhold the whole prize or part of it, in case the response is not sufficient. If only one competitor's work is by far the best, the 2nd best will not get the same amount as the best. It could increase the prize to the best contender, to more than 5 billion MYM. I will remunerate, with Moyom (MYM), those who contributed, if the competition does not "fly".


At least the following paper, articles and webpages must be read before writing the report(s) and making videos.

1) "Management Accounting of Intellectual Creations" published in Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Managent Sciences.

2) White Paper for Africahead Ipparts (AFA) published on Africahead's website.

3) "Why Brand Tokens Are Not Securities, Yet Investments", published on Publish0x.

4) "Valuation Theory & Crypto" published on Cent.

5) IPPAEX webpage.

6) Moyom (MYM) utility token webpage.

7) Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand token webpage.

8) Divided Party (DiP) brand token webpage.



Marquard Pienaar (MPhil)

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Africahead is a copyrighted brand mark and the transacting name of a business, registered during 1999 in South Africa. The registered name is Moiom Close Corporation. The brand mark consists of the name Africahead and the map image of Africa.

Brand Tokens
Brand Tokens

A clear distinction can be made between brand tokens and utility tokens. Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) lists only brand tokens or in other words, tokens, contractually backed by Intellectual Property, which cannot be sold again in the future.

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