ORION (ORN) 47% Staking Rewards!

By BlueSkyCrypto | BlueSkyCrypto | 30 Aug 2020


One Token, One Protocol, Thirteen Revenue Streams - ORION


This coin seems to be doing fairly well and the project itself seems very promising. If we have seen anything with DeFi coins it's that people love them and for good reason.

We had decided to purchase and hold Orion to reap the rewards of a 47% stake on Kucoin exchange. High interest staking definitely has it's risks but when you see an opportunity like this its hard not to put a little bit of money in when the project itself has something to offer.

The chart for Orion seems to be good for Bullish activity coming soon and with it hitting more exchanges it's sure to climb.

Not professional advice at all, just an opinion on a possible up and coming opportunity!

If you don't currently have or use Kucoin, it is a great exchange. We have been an active member on Kucoin for quite some time now. They offer Margin, Spot, Leverage and all the things you would expect. They have some of the biggest rewards pools I have seen and taken part in.

Kucoin carries its own utility token as well named KCS Shares. You can collect good interest in staking KCS as well as gain additional bonuses and discounts for the exchange. With kucoin still being fairly young the KCS coin is sure to rise in value as the exchange grows, much like BNB coin.

Check out Orion and comment your thoughts, follow to help out!

Click here for Kucoin exchange

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