The Publish0x Notification System is Broken -- Here is a Workaround

Don't get me wrong

-- I love the Publish0x platform and its community. It is the most welcoming blogging platform that I have ever encountered and through it I have met many amazing (and amazingly supportive) people. I could not be happier.

So when you read this article of mine, keep that in mind. This post is meant to highlight a problem I found, offer a workaround for it and it may possibly lead to the problem being fixed -- if the developers find the time .

Here's the problem I have encountered

If you are following a lot of authors on Publish0x, you might have noticed that you are not receiving any notifications on the website for some authors. Usually, you would receive notifications when an author 

  • publishes a new article
  • comments on one of your articles
  • replies to one of your comments

You will receive notifications in the notification center of the website for the first scenario if you are following the author. In the two latter cases concerning comments, you will both receive a notification on the website as well as a notification email.

While the emails have been working fine for me, the website notification have not always worked, however. 

I believe that

notifications of authors you started following first are missing at some point

-- if you follow a lot of authors. If I had to guess, the notifications work only for the 20 most recently followed authors. I believe that this is a bug within the website's code and it can only be fixed on Publish0x's end. However, there is a workaround for special cases. 

In my case I haven't received any notifications for new content from one of my favorite authors. I went out of my way to manually check if he has published new articles by selecting "Authors you follow" and then clicking on his profile. Indeed, there were new articles available. I decided to try to unfollow him and after a few seconds I followed him again. 

I waited a couple of days to find out whether this had helped and in fact

that workaround had solved my issue

for this specific author. I am receiving both website notifications about his new articles and about his comments again.

Have you been noticing something similar to what I describe? If so, I guess now you have to decide:

Who are your favorite authors?

Help this post being noticed by commenting, liking and possibly tipping if you feel gracious. Thank you for your help! 


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