My Very Last Minute #Publish0xWinterMeme Contest Entry!

My Very Last Minute #Publish0xWinterMeme Contest Entry!

Oh boy, is this a last minute entry into the contest!


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How are you all doing? How was everybody's 2020?


Note: This is a gif, too. Please click it if it doesn't "autoplay" either.
Ok, no more gifs from now one. Just pictures. No need to click anything anymore.


Yeah, but 2021 will be so much better, right?

On Publish0x 2021 starts off with a big surprise! 


We start the year with not just one, but two contests on Publish0x! So, let's not waste any more time!


After these warmup memes, let's get right to it!

The idea for my main meme came from the introduction to this article -- which you just read. 😉

Here it is my masterpiece: 😅


As you can tell -- hopefully -- my meme consists of 4 individual pictures that should be viewed as one big picture -- and a slogan for Publish0x. 

What do you think of my meme? 

You love it, right? Lockdown memes are just the best, right? 😅

You cannot get enough of it, right? Lockdown. Lockdown! LOCKDOWN!


So yeah, that's it, my entry into the competition. 😅 I mean the entire article. It should be viewed as a whole as my entry into the competition. 😅

Wish me luck! I will definitely need it. 🙈

And Happy New Year everybody! 

I'm sure 2021 will be a great year!


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