Why We Run: A Natural History

Why We Run: A Natural History

I finished reading another book about running. I finished reading another book about running. This time I came across a very interesting book about running, as the author draws parallels between man and the animal world. She examines how different species of the animal world have evolved to cover great distances.



Bernd Heinrich is a professor of biology, holder of several US records in marathon races, physiologist, a specialist in thermoregulation and exercise. In his book, the author reflects on running, as a scientist in the field of natural sciences, tells about his participation in the race for 100 kilometers, which marked the beginning of his career in the ultramarathon, and draws parallels between man and the animal world.

Endurance, intelligence, the will to win — this is the main motto of runners in ultramarathon distances, which can lead to the highest achievements.

“I argue that our ability and passion for running is our ancient heritage, the skills of hardy predators. Although in the modern representative of our species they can be disguised, our body is still ready to run and/or chase imaginary antelopes. We do not always see them. in reality, but our imagination prompts us to look far beyond the horizon. The book serves as a reminder that the key to understanding our evolutionary adaptations — those that make us unique — lies in observing other animals and the lessons we learn from it. “. (Bernd Heinrich)

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