Running route in Kyiv

In this article, I decided to pay attention to the capital of Ukraine and tell a little about running Kyiv and its interesting running locations and routes, and how you can diversify your training.

Interesting running locations in Kyiv


  • Distances (highway): 3.95, 4.05, 4.08, 4.14, 4.35, 4.44, 4.48, 4.8, 4.84, 4.92, 5.06, 5.11, 5.12, 5.16, 5.32, 5.37, 5.39, 5.45, 5.66, 5.93, 5.93, 5.077, 5.6 , 6.05, 6.2 km.
  • Surface: tracks, asphalt
  • Terrain: plain

It is a true runner's paradise. An incredibly large space with a coating and relief for every taste. You can use the main paths, or turn to the paths. At VDNG, you can also build a classic 5-km circle – completely asphalted and level, stretching through the territory of the Expo Center and reaching the forest. Thus, you can try both test runs and plan long cross-country races.

Holosiyivsʹkyy Park

  • Distances (highway): 3.00, 3.4, 3.59, 3.79, 3.86 km.
  • Distances (trail): 2.97, 3.56, 3.75, 3.83 km.
  • Surface: tracks, asphalt, soil
  • Terrain: plain, which can be varied with slides of different difficulty

Residents of Holosiiv are also lucky because there is a convenient and pleasant place for running, which combines forest paths and asphalt paths

Trukhaniv Ostriv

  • Distances (highway): 5.03, 5.06, 5.07, 6.00, 6.68, 7.04, 7.98, 8.00, 10.02, 10.07, 10.55 km.
  • Covering: tracks, asphalt, sand
  • Terrain: plain, mountainous

Forests and meadows, lakes, and the Dnipro River - such a landscape awaits runners who have chosen Trukhaniv Island as their place to run. It is here that the most comfortable and natural surface for running is found - dirt paths and grass!

Naberezhna Dnipra

  • Distances (highway): 10.11 km.
  • Covering: asphalt
  • Terrain: plain

Rusanivsʹka Naberezhna

  • Distances (highway): 4.42, 5.05 km.
  • Surface: asphalt, tracks, sand
  • Terrain: plain

Running next to the water brings special pleasure. And there are two bodies of water on this route - the Rusanivsky Canal and a lake. So you can run around the lake in a circle of 2 kilometers with a special surface for running, and if you get bored, move to the Rusanivsky Canal and admire the famous fountains.

Obolonsʹka Naberezhna

  • Distances (highway): 10.00 km.
  • Surface: asphalt tracks
  • Terrain: plain

The route runs completely past the Dnipro and ends in the newly built Natalka Park, where you can do complex strength training on the grass or do yoga after the run. This route is most beautiful in the morning at sunrise. And along the entire route, there are many beaches, so at the end, you can diversify the run by swimming.

Park Peremohy

  • Distances (highway): 5.04 km.
  • Surface: asphalt tracks
  • Terrain: plain

Park Partyzansʹkoyi slavy

  • Covering: asphalt, paths, soil
  • Terrain: plain


  • Distances (highway): 1, 1.2, 1.07, 1.09, 1.81, 1.83, 1.98, 2.02 km.
  • Covering: asphalt
  • Terrain: plain

Stadiums for jogging

  • Stadium "Athlete"
    The stadium is located almost in the center of the city - in the Pechersk district. There is a special artificial surface on the tracks, which is comfortable for running.
  • "Spartak" Stadium
    "Spartak" stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the city. It's not that cozy, but if you need a place to run, it's worth a look. The length of the paths with a special coating is 400 m.
  • Stadium "Start"
    Another stadium that can be attributed to the category of veterans, is that it was built back in the 30s of the 20th century. It is very old, but if you need a place to train plus you live in the Lukyanivka area, this is your option.

Interesting running routes

  • Mariyinsʹkyy park + park Vichnoyi Slavy + Spivoche pole + Batʹkivshchyna-Maty
  • Surface: tracks, asphalt
  • Terrain: plain + moderate hills on the Singing Field

Most of the route runs along green areas, the route runs through several observation decks where you can enjoy the panoramic view and beauty of Kyiv.

  • Trukhaniv ostriv + park Druzhby Narodiv + park Murometsʹ
  • Covering: tracks, asphalt, sand, soil
  • Terrain: plain + moderate hills

The route runs entirely through green areas, and most of the roads are pedestrian.

  • Khreshchatyk + pishokhidnyy mist + park Volodymyrsʹka hirka + Aleya Khudozhnykiv + Peyzazhna aleya
  • Covering: asphalt, tiles, wooden flooring, paths
  • Terrain: plain + moderate hills

A very scenic route that passes through several observation decks.

  • Holosiyivsʹkyy park + park VDNH
  • Surface: asphalt paths, soil
  • Terrain: plain + hills

The entire route runs through green areas, you can arrange a training trail run, and you can develop many different routes.

  • Ozero Telʹbin + Rusanivsʹka naberezhna + Rusanivsʹkyy kanal
  • Surface: asphalt tracks
  • Terrain: plain

The excellent running surface around Lake Telbin, beautiful landscapes, and a picturesque view of the right bank from Rusanivka.

  • Park Partyzansʹkoyi Slavy + Tropa Zdorovʺya
  • Covering: asphalt, paths, soil
  • Terrain: mostly flat + moderate hills

The location is beautiful because it is located far from the business centers of the city and is sparsely populated, here you can breathe fresh air.

  • Botanichnyy sad im. O. Fomina + park T. Shevchenka
  • Surface: asphalt, paths
  • Relief: mostly mountainous

With a beautiful central route through park green zones, you can practice overcoming hills.

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