Overview of running locations in Ternopil

I got to know the city of Ternopil for the first time while participating in the local half-marathon “Ternopil Half Marathon”, the route of which partly passed along the embankment of the local pond, which I quite liked then. Since this is a good route for running training. Therefore, I decided to tell in more detail in the article about various interesting running locations of Ternopil.

Interesting running locations

  • Embankment of the pond

The running location is the favorite for Ternopil residents and guests of the city. There is a comfortable sidewalk, there are lanterns, and trees, snow is removed in winter, aeration fountains work in summer, and you can swim on Tsyganka beach or just relax after a run.

  • Kutkivetsky forest

This running location will appeal to the off-road, forest, and mountain lovers, because there will be many paths and roads with a dirt surface, steep ascents, and descents, as well as trees, flowers, birdsong, and sometimes silence, which allows you to rest from the noise of the city and worries.

  • Forest in Petrykov

In addition to trail running, you can also admire nature here. If you like to ride a bike, this forest is also suitable for you.

  • Park “Zdorov’ya”

A comfortable and easy track for running short distances. In addition to running, you can work out here on outdoor exercise machines.

  • Park Topilʹche

This running location is located in the center of the city and has many paved and lighted paths, bridges, and convenient trails.

  • Park natsionalʹnoho vidrodzhennya

The peculiarity of this running location is the presence of several running routes, which are difficult to combine because there are many tracks. There are also various ups and downs here, which allows you to run and train. In this park, you can see the Ternopil Singing Field, a fountain with swans, well-kept paths, entertainment and recreation facilities, as well as funny local squirrels begging for nuts.

Stadiums for jogging

  • City Stadium

The stadium is equipped with special running tracks. The location is convenient for speed running.

Interesting running routes

  • Around the Pond

You can start from any point. During the run, you can admire the incredible views of the pond, the countryside around Ternopil and the cozy city.

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Andrii Androshchuk
Andrii Androshchuk

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Blog about running

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