Multiki Trail League - Multisport Ukrainian Trail Running and Cross Country League

In this article, I want to pay a little attention to a very interesting and unique trail league of Ukraine, which takes place in Kyiv and is called "Multiki Race" or "Multiki Trail League". My acquaintance with the "Multiki Trail League" began back in 2018 during the trail race Didorivka Trail Run (now after the update of the league it is called Didorivka Trail Half Marathon).

Multiki Race began its history in 2016 with the trail race "Kitaevo Trail Run". And next year the league acquired its final form in which was held until 2020. Namely, it included 3 trail races for 10 kilometers and one half marathon

As for uniqueness, the organizers of the "Multiki Trail League" decided to unite running and cross-country fans in their running events. And to hold both running and cycling events separately during their events. Therefore, for participants who love not only trail running, but also cross-country, a unique opportunity was prepared to first conquer the route during the race, and then ride it on a bicycle.

But everything changed in 2019 when the organizers had to say goodbye to the trail race "Kitaevo Trail Run", as facilitated by Ukrainian officials. And the "Multiki Trail League" was waiting for a small update.

In 2021, the "Multiki Trail League" returns after a minor upgrade. Now the league includes 3 races, namely 2 trail half marathons and one trail race for 10 kilometers

  • Pyrogiv Trail Run
  • Golosiievo Trail Half Marathon
  • Didorivka Trail Half Marathon

As for the format of the event, it has not changed much, as in the first edition of "Multiki Race" you can not only run or pedal, but also test your strength first in running and then on a bike.

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