Kryvbas Stone Trails League

During the year, a large number of interesting trail races are held in Ukraine in different parts of the country. Some of them are combined by the organizers into interesting trail series, which makes participation in them more convenient than for me. During all the time I was running, I managed to get acquainted with such Ukrainian trail series as "Wild""Multiki Trail League" and "Kremen Trail League". All these series include the so-called urban trail races (author's classification), which take place in the vicinity of various towns in Ukraine and have mostly distances of up to 50 kilometers and a small set of heights.


In addition to the above-mentioned trail series, another series is taking place in Ukraine, namely the "Kryvbas Stone Trails League" (KSTL), which also consists of so-called city trails and in which I want to take part this year. And in this article, I want to tell a little about this series and the trail races that are part of it.


"Kryvbas Stone Trails League" (KSTL) began its history in 2018 in the city of Kryvyi Rih. "KSTL" offers participants to immerse themselves in the industrial heritage and enjoy the picturesque natural landscape of Kryvyi Rih. On the trail races of the series, participants will be able to run through the picturesque places of the Ingulets River valley, trails of the Karachunivsky forest, along the flooded granite quarry, climb dumps, beams, plantings, and enjoy the surrounding industrial landscapes and landscapes.


The series "Kryvbas Stone Trails League" includes three triple races:

  • White Stone Trail
  • Black Stone Trail
  • Red Stone Trail


The Kryvbas Stone Trails League trail series begins with the White Stone Trail, a trail that runs through the scenic parts of the Ingulets River Valley, along a flooded granite quarry, along the shady trails of the Karachunovsky Forest with descents into the beams on the banks of the reservoir. "White Stone Trail" is the lightest of all the trails in the series, which makes it quite convenient for participants who want to try their hand at cross-country running. The second trail of the series is a trail called the "Black Stones Trail" route, which passes through the landscape reserve "Vizyrka" and consists of narrow winding paths, ascents and descents of varying complexity, picturesque landscapes, and underground stone tunnels. In addition, stunning sandy areas of the Shirokovsky pine forest, a grove of thirteen beams, the ascent to the top of the dumps of the Ingulets quarry, with stunning views and landscapes are waiting for the participants.

The final trail race of the series is called "Red Stones Trail", where participants will find forest trails, red roads, quarries, dumps, beams, landings, industrial landscapes. And many stunning industrial landscapes will complement the good impressions of the race and the series as a whole.


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