BlockchainRPG Successful Pack Launch and Next Steps

By DrCharles | BlockchainRPG | 5 May 2022

We have pushed quite a few updates to the BlockchainRPG community over the last few weeks and we are still just getting the ball rolling into the next stage of our game's development. One of the biggest steps recently made was the successful pack launch and community introduction of five new NFT Characters to Aurum.

On May 1, 2022 BlockchainRPG released the new Starter Packs via a directly hosted sale on the BRPG website shop. Each pack costs 40 WAX and provides players a random chance to pull one of five new characters at a random rarity level. Player/community growth rates, player retention rates, and market engagement rates have been climbing since the new character pack introduction!

Next Steps - As previously announced, BlockchainRPG will be transitioning to a game model which will require players to own a NFT character card to access gameplay. Any of the five new characters pulled from the pack sales will work for gameplay as well as all original Founder's, Thankful, and Festive Milo NFTs will work. Player can expect to see this change implemented before the end of this month (May 2022). 

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What's on the table for the current sprint(s)?

Most notably, the team is hard at work creating and reviewing proposals for a new NFT crafting/upgrade system as well as a new tokenomics model to help drive a healthy game economy for players. Neither one of these proposals, and the accompanied systems that have to be architected to support them, are simple. With that in mind, these items are the current primary focus along with a full revamp of the BRPG roadmap and whitepaper, streamlining and cleaning up some game code, bug fixes (like the recent patch addressing unstaked inventory), community growth, marketing program design and deployment.


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