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BlockchainRPG NFT Game - Update

By DrCharles | BlockchainRPG | 16 Apr 2022

There have been many things brewing within the BlockchainRPG community lately and today is no different.

Creating a "fun" game is about more than just having good graphics or nice mechanics. A recent post from Graeme Divine in the Metropolis-Origins Discord hits this nail on the head. I highly encourage everyone to go take a look and absorb the ideas Graeme shared. (Metropolis-Origins is another up-and-coming NFT game being built on the WAX blockchain and an All-Star team.)

The goal for BlockchainRPG is to build a game that provide players an experience while gaming, something to enjoy, remember, and share. While BlockchainRPG has A LONG WAY to go before we realize the visions of our team, building a community is a big first step towards our goals. With today's BlockchainRPG Patch Notes, we have started pushing in a direction to provide our players a more engaging experience as they explore Aurum, the main land in BlockchainRPG.

Note interested in reading all the Patch notes? Here is a short summary:
  • Crafting will now use staked resources to reduce staking logic and code complexity by about 50%
  • In-Game Chat system implemented.
  • Code clean up and better error message presentation logic

If you want to read the full Patch Notes description by our lead dev, read here: V3.15.2-BETA PATCH NOTES

Admittedly, BlockchainRPG is still in the very early stages of development, by a very small team, being entirely bootstrapped without any major fund raising yet. One of the biggest driving forces for our development so far has been the community feedback and overall excitement by the players of our game. With today's update, one of my favorite additions to the game (so far) has finally been implemented. The Chat box.

I am not currently aware of any other WAX based game that has a chat box that is currently at our stage in development so it is exciting to see what it does for our game to drive both short and long term player engagement and retention rates. Both metrics are great indicators to track and manage towards managing and directing our game's ability to build a successful experience for players long term. 

While it might be minor to some, I feel it is a great step in the right direction towards our vision, mission, and values. Our active daily player base also seems to greatly enjoy the new features. Players can now directly ask questions, get feedback, advice, tips, and more, all from directly within the game. They no longer need to leave their game session to go to discord or twitter for support. Come check it out!

Chat box

Made it this far and have no idea what BlockchainRPG is? Lets take a look:

BlockchainRPG is a Digital Item Metaverse in the faraway lands of Aurum. Hunt monsters, gain resources, craft better tools, and compete against others. BlockchainRPG offers a fun play to earn style gameplay. Earn GOLD and rare NFTs while playing. Trade/Buy/Sell your in-game items with other players to assist each other in your adventures! Let your blockchain adventure begin!

Roadmap Page:





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BlockchainRPG is an NFT Game built on top of the WAX blockchain.

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