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By DrCharles | BlockchainRPG | 21 Apr 2022

I first fell in love with adventure and role playing games almost two decades ago but it is almost like a love/hate relationship. Finding a good RPG game that accounts for the perfect amount of grind vs rewards, time vs grind, storyline, art, community, and experience, is almost impossible. Especially as the years go on and the "grind time" gets dwindled down by real life requirements. I often find myself returning to games several years old to scratch that RPG itch, even if its just for a short time. 

The design, deployment, and application of a leveling system in RPG games is no minor task as experience and levels can be tied to just about every thinkable mechanic. 

I bring all of this up because I am excited to share with the public (our discord channel has been recently testing the system) that BlockchainRPG is currently working on the testing and dev-environment deployment of a new leveling system within our game. There is no whitelist access required or any special NFT needed, as we are hoping to welcoming the public to come test it out and give us feedback. At the end of the day, player feedback is the reason why this system has been a primary focus for our team over the last few weeks.

How can you join the Level/XP testing for free:

 - Easy! Simply head over to the BlockchainRPG Discord at to join our community of over 5,000 active members and start getting involved in the community. You will get access to the development site to test out the Leveling system, enjoy the in-game chat system for support and assistance from other players as well as help be a part of building the game long term.

Made it this far and have no idea what BlockchainRPG is? Lets take a look:

BlockchainRPG is a Digital Item Metaverse in the faraway lands of Aurum. Hunt monsters, gain resources, craft better tools, and compete against others. BlockchainRPG offers a fun play to earn style gameplay. Earn GOLD and rare NFTs while playing. Trade/Buy/Sell your in-game items with other players to assist each other in your adventures! Let your blockchain adventure begin!

Roadmap Page:




BlockchainRPG NFT Collection: 


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BlockchainRPG is an NFT Game built on top of the WAX blockchain.

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