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BlockchainRPG, Metropolis-Origins, and MafiaVerse Team Up

By DrCharles | BlockchainRPG | 1 May 2022

BlockchainRPG has been working toward the release of our new NFT character packs and we are excited to continue to develop our game and our community in as many ways as possible. For the members who have been following along with our twitter page, we have been holding daily giveaways of NFTs for BlockchainRPG. The current giveaway that will close later today is for a full shell set of NFTs for one lucky player.



On top of the pending pack drop, and the twitter giveaways, we also recently head a collaborative tournament with the Metropolis-Origins team on 4/30/2022 to giveaway BRPG NFTs to everyone who participated. Based on the positive feedback and the growing community bases of both BlockchainRPG and Metropolis-Origins, we decided to host another tournament next weekend with one big change this time. MafiaVerse will also be joining the reward pool of NFTs given out to participants. Read more about the tournament next weekend by heading over to the announcment article on Medium.

Announcement Page - 

BlockchainRPG, Metropolis-Origins & MafiaVerse Team Up

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